CLF Manifesto

We are the Crochet Liberation Front!
We are both male and female, all races, creeds, and nationalities.
We hook and we are proud.
With our hooks we make lace, household items, dresses and sweaters, socks and slippers, tablecloths and bedspreads, we make jewelry and sculptured art.
We are limited only by our creativity and imagination.
That which we make is beautiful.
We refuse to be pigeon-holed into any single category.
We refuse to accept the myth that we are less than other arts and crafts.
We will not apologize for our love of all that is hookable.
We refuse to continue in the need to have other crafts to make us valid.
We are valid in and of our own nature.
We refuse to accept the stereotypes that keep us downtrodden and unsupported.
We are the Crochet Liberation Front and WE hold our hooks high!