About the CLF


What is the CLF?
  •  Lead by Laurie A. Wheeler ( aka Fearless Leader) the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF) is a  group of many thousands, who love crochet for what it is, what it can be, and the media into which it will evolve. Crochet techniques are always in development, and evolving as our world evolves. We love crochet and we are proud to let others know about what we do.


 To promote crochet and support the hands and hearts that wield the hooks, by building community, being the resource for all information crochet, and by hosting events and classes.

 How do we achieve this?


  •  The CLF News email newsletter

  • Social media (Facebook and Twitter)

  • Annual Crochet Awards (The Flamies)

  • Our Crochet @ Cama Retreat

  • CLF 3.0 A membership service dedicated to expanding the creative spirit and crochet knowledge base of hobbyists  and developing real and valuable professional skills for designers, tech editors, pattern testers for independent crafters and artisans.

 We have grown from a small group of committed hooksters to reaching hundreds of thousands of people through our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Ravelry.com.

The Crochet Liberation Front website and CLF 3.0 membership service was created, designed and is maintained by Laurie A. Wheeler a solo-preneur with a passion for helping the little guy become strong.