Today is International Crochet Day! Celebrate!! 1

CLF Certified World's Most Humongous Hook

Me (Fearless Leader) hugging on our Big Man about Town "Dippy the Wonder Hook"...


 It’s here! It’s here! International Crochet Day is here!

It feel like a birthday! It feels like a holiday! It feels like it’s time to get our crochet on!

Thanks to the intrepid Jimbo we have our fabulous International Celebration of HookStars! Thing you can do to celebrate!

Jimbo and his giant hook "Dippy"

  • Sign up for Crochet @ Cama 2011! The retreat of a life time!               

  • Go to Jimbo’s Blog!  Jimbo is the creator of the world’s largest hook, many beautiful hooks AND is the founder of International Crochet Day!

  • Buy some yarn or hooks!

  • Try a new stitch pattern!

    Cotton/Linen Broomstick Flapper Hat

  • Sign up for a class or webinar! (You can do this at a yarn store, online or even here on the CLF Website!)

  • Join us on Facebook, Ravelry and Twitter to talk up crochet!

  • Join our song parody thread on  which is our virtual campfire sing along place for crochet fun!

  • Teach someone else to crochet!

    Buy some yarn!

  • Use up some stash!

  • Sign up for one of the many wonderful newsletters in the crochet world! From yarn companies to crochet designers you can really find some great insights and information. One of my very favorites is by Vashti Braha  she goes over her design process and how to work with new concepts and stitches! I am always left inspired!  Another is by Karen Whooley just trying to keep up with this very busy designer and teacher is crazy! Her newsletters keep me up to date with different crochet related events, and classes!

  • Support our Podcasts! We have Getting Loopy, Yarn Thing and Shorty Sutures!

  • Support Pam’s Comfort Cables a collaborative project that supports designer Pam Gillette in her battle with breast cancer.

  • Call a friend and get together for a cup of tea or glass of wine and sit together with yarn and hooks!

The possibilities are endless, the point of the day is to celebrate the craft we love with our world!



About Laurie A. Wheeler

Laurie A. Wheeler is a blogger, crochet addict, yarn designer and champion for independant artisans and crafters. She is also known as Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front.

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