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 New! How to plan a crochet class - Plus download your class planner!

  Selling Successfully at Farmers Markets and Street Fairs, 1 hr.

Laurie walks you through how to plan for attending these shows as a vendor, how to plot and plan an inventory, how to choose which products, discusses good and bad displays, what to do and not to do at a show and other great tips to make life a LOT easier as you start to sell at Farmers Markets and Street Fairs! (County fairs, too!) 



Before you buy yarn (information that will help you save some time and money when shopping for yarn)







How to Sell Crochet SUCCESSFULLY at Craft Bazaars Learn the about creating the right products to sell at local craft bazaars, how to optimize your inventory to maximize sales and great tips on setting up your table.







Simple Pattern Reading: Learn how to read patterns successfully! We go over abbreviations, keys, reading strategies and charts using this simple Irish Rose pattern.








Discover the secret to choosing the right yarn for the right stitch!


- Learn about wool, it’s mysterious qualities, and how to choose the right kind of  wool  yarn for your projects!  1 hour  Recorded Aug. 14 2011 [button link=”

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“Thank you so much for today’s webinar. It was amazing and I learned a lot.

I had already discovered that some yarns work better for me with certain items or stitch patterns than others but I never understood why. The information that you shared with us in the Woolinar is going to be so useful in helping me to more easily match yarns to projects and vice versa.

I can’t wait for the next lessons!” Lizzie, Bristol UK

Irene from Conn. USA, “Just finished #WOOLINAR with presenter extraordinaire Laurie Wheeler. It was great! Glad I was there w/ my fellow yarnsters.”

Twitter responses: “@KeriKinnic: Just enjoyed a FABBO #woolinar by our Fearless Leader, @crochetLibFront. Thanks, Laurie!”

@shortysutures said “If you missed the first @CrochetLibFront Webinar make sure to catch the next one! Laurie was awesome!!! I know so much more about wool now!”