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The Top SEO Mistakes To Avoid

SEO is something that every webmaster will need to know about and implement, but there are a lot of mistakes that you could be making. These mistakes could negatively impact the effectiveness of the strategy you have in place.

Fortunately, you can learn about some of the most common mistakes and find out how to avoid them. Learning from the mistakes of others is a great way to ensure that your website does as well as it possibly can.

Having A Poor Internal Link Structure

As your website increases in size, you could start to make some basic internal linking errors. This will include anything from duplicate content on the website to 404 page errors popping up. These are all mistakes that will impact your SEO and can easily be avoided.

When you create your internal linking, you should keep in mind that no page should be more than 2 clicks away from the home page. The same should be done for any call to action landing pages. It is also recommended that you keep track of your posts to ensure that you are not linking to outdated content or to duplicate content.

Creating Content For The Sake Of Content

There are many websites that have large numbers of posts, but they are not all good. Creating content for the sake of filling your website is a bad move in terms of SEO and will end up hurting your website more than helping. The reason for this is the fact that your content will not carry any real value and useless to the people who are reading it.

While you need to be consistent with posting new content to your website, you also need to be consistent in terms of quality. Few posts that are of a high-quality caliber will be better for your website than hundreds of posts of weak content.

You want your visitors to see you as someone that offers value, not as someone who is going to tell them everything that they already know.

Optimizing For The Wrong Keyword

Keyword research is vital if you want your website to do well.

The problem is that many webmasters make the mistake of optimizing their websites for the wrong keywords. There are a number of reasons why this might happen and you need to be aware of all of them to ensure that you avoid this.

One of the causes of this will be failing to segment your search volumes and competition by geography when you complete your research. This will result in you optimizing your website for keywords that do not relate to your geographic location.

You should also avoid relying on too many high volume phrases. This might seam conterintuitive, as high volume keywords should get a lot of traffic. The problem is that they will also have a lot of competition and will not convert for everyone.

These keywords may also be very general which leads to visitors that are not at the point of converting into a customer.

Another mistake that you might be making is trying to insert an awkward exact match phrase into your content. While the keyword may be ideal based on your research, if it does not flow in content it will not work.

Awkward exact match keywords worked in the past when SEO was new, but the algorithms have become more sophisticated and will penalize you for this.

Forgetting About Local

If you have a physical location for your business, you need to focus on local SEO. There are a lot of businesses that make the mistake of ignoring local SEO and this is a serious mistake. The traffic you get from local SEO will be better targeted for your business and will generally convert with greater ease.

If you do not believe in the importance of local, you need to consider some statistics.

  • Around 50% of searches done on a mobile device will result in an in-store visit on the same day. *1
  • Around 80% to 90% of people will read an online review before they make a purchase or work with a local company. *2

These stats should highlight why local SEO is important to converting visitors into paying customers.

There are a lot of mistakes you might be making with SEO and you need to know what they are. When you know what these mistakes are you will be able to take steps to avoid them and benefit from greater success.


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