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Kathryn Vercillo launches Hook to Heal

  Popular crochet blogger and author Kathryn Vercillo has just announced her newest project, Hook to Heal. The project, which is a book and corresponding set of online classes, is receiving overwhelming support from funders on Indiegogo. Crochet lovers, artists and makers of all kinds are donating to the cause because they believe in the value of crochet […]



This is what Crochet Friendly looks and feels like… 2

Let me show you what makes a yarn store crochet friendly and give you a fun tour of my favorite LYS, Pinchknitter Yarn. Pinch Knitter Yarn is not only the closest yarn store to me, but she has a great philosophy regarding product inventory and customer service, Sirkku Bingham (the owner) is one smart lady […]

Special Announcement: CLF Indie Pro Plus Member Press Release.

I’m so excited and proud to write this article about Indie Pro Plus member Karen Ratto Whooley. I met Karen six years ago at the Seattle Knitting Expo back in the days when I was creating and selling premium art yarns. Since then we’ve both come a long way! It’s been a joy to watch […]

Flamies Revised 12

   If you are new to the CLF or even the idea of the Annual Crochet Awards (aka The Flamies) that we award, this post may be a bit confusing. So make sure you read the history of how the Crochet Awards startedand how they have changed over the last few years. That way the […]

Yarn 101: Which Stitch? An online class 1

    Let’s face it, we have access to a lot of fabulous yarn. I wish my Grandma Grace were alive today to see the abundance of fuzzy goodness we have to play with in our yarn stores. With this choice comes a kind of overwhelming sense of open creativity.  Beyond color choices, what kinds of […]



Yarn Shopping is an Artform 2

   I don’t know about you, but I normally hate shopping. Seriously, walking through department stores is the most BORING thing in the world to me. The clothes are boring, the shoes are boring, the jewelry is boring, and I’m just not that into “stuff.”  But yarn shopping? Holy Guacamole Catwoman that is a whole […]

September the start of Change 1

  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a bit of a geek.        I loved school with all of my heart, I had a library card when I was  three and you had to sign your name to get it, I remember battling learning to sign my full name just so I could get the […]


All about the Yarn…

There is so much we can do with crochet! I am constantly in awe of the thousands of projects in the CLF group pages (and pages and pages). As I scan through the images, I can’t but be filled with wonder at the creativity and talent that comprises our membership! From our beginners who are […]