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Crochet Garment Construction Series: On the bias 4

Whether you are creating lace for a trim, an amigurumi doll,  a rag rug or a sweater,  when you crochet you are creating fabric. There are qualities to all fabric that need to be understood in order to create beautiful garments that behave the way the designer or maker intend. The greatest crochet fabric misconception […]



Crochet Classics: Granny Square Discussion Continues

The classic granny square is a very useful object and probably one of the better recognized forms of crochet in popular culture. In fact, I would hazard a guess that many people might know the term granny square and not even know that crochet is the craft that create those warm and snuggly blankets. As […]

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Need a quick gift? Crocheted Ice Skates!

I have become a crocheted ice skate addict. That’s right, the joy of taking simple paper clips, a few yards of yummy yarn and a crochet hook has caputured my imagination and offered a great distraction through the holiday time off…  For some reason my original post ended up being blank, so here is the […]

Tell me what you love!

   We only a have a few weeks left in 2011! That means I’m not only busily getting CLF 3.0 up and running, I’m also planning the 4th Annual Crochet Awards! The Flamies!! Now if you’re new to the idea of the Flamie Awards, then you should read up here. If you’re an old hand, […]

You can be a SUPER AWESOME gift giver! 1

I’m super excited about my new book. It’s a cute little thing that I      published to help my fellow crocheters (and crafters of all ilk) deal with gift giving and holiday stress like no other book I have seen.    CLF News Readers have already had their  special deal but I don’t want to […]

Crochet Pressure!

Smug gets you everytime. Yes, I was smug, I was thinking “HA! I got them all done, each present is crocheted! HAHA!” Then I remembered I have three teachers gifts, my daughter’s boyfriend, and little gifties for the family gathering that takes place after Christmas Day. Oh boy. I don’t have a lot of crochet […]



Book Review: Crocheted Softies: 18 Adorable Animals from around the World by Stacey Trock

If I were to describe this book in one word, that word would be: Cute. In three words it would be; Aw, so cute! Stacey Trock has come out with some of the cuddliest critters I’ve seen in a long time. These “Softies” are unique and instead of thinking of the kids in my life, […]