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Fitting Pretty

Hey CLFers help a Grad student out!  One of our CLF members is a grad student at University of Minnesota and is doing a research survey on the satisfaction of crocheters with the fit of their garments! So if you make CROCHETED garments and you have experience (any at all) in FITTING those to your […]

Market Watch: Crochet Book Sales 5

That was quite a discussion we had in this post, when I asked you, the crocheters to explain what makes you buy or not buy books. Your comments were about what I expected to hear. Beyond not being able to afford books, what I heard was the following: 1) Cannot find them at bookstores, yarn […]

We bid (Inter) National Crochet Month Au Revoir… 2

But, not adieu!  March has come and gone oh so quickly! (Inter)Natcromo has been a wild and wooly time on the CLF message board, on Ravelry for the Crochet Party, and the tweets have been fabulous! (You can follow the CLF on Twitter, CrochetLibFront ) I know many of us were inspired to crochet more, […]

Team Flaming Hooks: FO of the Day!

CLF Team Flaming Hooks member zoesarcadia made the cutest headband, better yet for herself! YAY…got to love self gratification, and we all know we need to do that as handworkers! This is a fun accessory that is the perfect reminder in winter that those spring flowers are INDEED just around the corner!   Go TEAM […]

Featured FO of the day! Car Blanket

As the first week of Ravelympics mania has us all glued to our hooks and yarn, the projects have slowed down a little in the group. If you are like me you whipped out a few quickies, and then settled into the long distance projects! This car blanket by CLF Flaming Hooks member camelvineyard is […]

Let the Games Begin!

At 6pm Pacific Standard Time the Ravelympics kicked off! Team Flaming Hooks, the official team of the Crochet Liberation Front, started the games in fine form. Balls were wound, hooks polished and at the ready. The team had limbered up with stretching exercises and yes, those fabulous finger exercises that really wiggle and loosen you […]

Ravelympics Team: The Flaming Hooks.

Today is the last day to vote on the CLF’s team for the “Ravelympics”  button and banner! Go vote for your favorite HERE! I voted We have 71 folks in the group  and let’s have some more! Let’s smoke them all with crocheted brilliance. There are so many events to choose from!!! I’m inspired, and […]

Holiday Crochet: For the Gamers in your life 1

d20 Originally uploaded by NeedleNoodles Everybody knows somebody who games, used to game, is married to a gamer (I know my husband is…oh wait we both are), what more could say “Happy Holiday” than a crocheted d20? Perfect for the new parent gamers, no worries about choking hazards or poked out eyes. Perfect for the […]

Holiday Crochet: Rose Brooch

red rose brooch front Originally uploaded by nezumiworld The clock is ticking, and inspiration may be waning, or if you’re like me you may get more inspired as the season goes forth and not have all the time to do all the sugar plums and fairies that flood your crochet-gamation! Here’s a cute quick project […]

Holiday Crochet: Ornaments

Christmas Stockings 2008 Originally uploaded by styledbykristin Ok folks, we’re running out of time. Our wrists are tired, we’ve made the blanket, five hats, four scarves, three neck warmers, and a pair of socks. Are we done? Heck no. We have more presents to make, we’re running out of time, we’re running out of yarn […]