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When to give away free crochet patterns

Okay, I just wrote a long post about why giving away crochet patterns for free is a bad thing. In general giving away free patterns is a terrible idea, except when it can aid in your marketing. It ONLY helps in your marketing plans when you do this strategically. You offer something free to get […]

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Is it me or the crochet pattern? Learn how to tell the difference

Crochet lovers are often confused when faced with patterns and projects that don’t quite work out. “Is it me?” or “Is it the pattern?” Here are a few tips to help you sort out the difference! It could be the pattern if: Your gauge was correct when you swatched and the stitch count doesn’t add […]

Avante Garde Crochet…Shake it up 4

Hooksters, Crochet Aficionados, Yarn Lovers…Lend me your ears or eyes as the case may be… A wonderful member of the CLF has made a very important point on the CLF Message Board on Ravlery. There seems to be a rut in design happening. Now let’s not blame the designers over much, but we have to acknowledge that […]


And this is why we love it…

Pre-Winter Crochet Week is at it’s mid-way point…I have to say it’s been so much fun on the CLF message board on Ravelry.com, and on our facebook page. It seems I have a new local group, my best friend (who can crochet, but prefers I make the hats…sigh…”you’re quicker” she says…but at least she handspins […]

Let the Pre-Winter Crochet Week Begin!

Gwen Blakely Kinser presents Chris Krauss with the CLF Crochet Friendly LYS Certificate! I can’t think of a better way of kicking off this week than by sharing some fun and great news!! Gwen Blakely Kinser, known to many as the founder of the Crochet Guild of America or humbly as Crochet Queen on her […]

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More Bazaar Ideas… 5

Yes, bazaar, not bizarre but you never know, coming from me it may end up being about both! The Facebook Page is really active, and I completely appreciate everyone’s comments, it really gives me lots of good blogging fodder. We had an interesting mix of comments from the last blog post which lead me to […]

Beautiful Crochet! Florine Empire Waist Shell 3

After a short hiatus, I’m back to blogging the BEST of crochet. From amigurumi to garments, household to accessories, this is how I show YOU the yarn enthusiasts of the world just how fabulous crochet is and can be! Sharon Silverman pulls out all the stops in this gorgeous shell design! You can find her […]


Market Watch: Crochet Book Sales 5

That was quite a discussion we had in this post, when I asked you, the crocheters to explain what makes you buy or not buy books. Your comments were about what I expected to hear. Beyond not being able to afford books, what I heard was the following: 1) Cannot find them at bookstores, yarn […]

2nd Annual Crochet Awards Tonight!! 2

The day has come! The Flamies are here! The Flamies are here! I can now unveil the award and what it looks like!! I’m sooooo excited!     Tune into the Getting Loopy Podcast with Mary Beth Temple, our beloved Josh McKiernan (who knows what antics he’ll help provide on the show) and myself Laurie Wheeler […]

CLF NEWS: 2010 Crochet Awards Nominees for Best Designer Children’s Wear & Accessories

So, I won’t repeat myself this time, I promise. I will say something new! The races have really heated up, there is a tie for the best pattern book (won’t say which books are tied), there is a tie in a designer category, and for best hooks by a corporation my goodness that’s a hot […]