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International Crochet Day is Coming! 1

Oh boy, I almost forgot! Thank heavens Jimbo reminded us on Hookey.org! This coming Wednesday, September 12, 2012 is our third International Crochet Day!!! Jimbo the hook maker (and awesome all round guy) created our day to fete the hook and trip the yarn fantastic all around the globe! I’ll be celebrating by completing my […]


Flamies Revised 12

   If you are new to the CLF or even the idea of the Annual Crochet Awards (aka The Flamies) that we award, this post may be a bit confusing. So make sure you read the history of how the Crochet Awards startedand how they have changed over the last few years. That way the […]

Gifts for the Crocheter… 1

As fun as it is to make gifts for others, it’s also fun to recieve gifts! Now, for some reason when asked what we want for a gift we don’t say yarn, or hooks, or books. Maybe some of us remember to do so, but others like me forget to ask for specifics that relate […]

Mad modeling Bonnie's amazing work ;D

Crochet@Cama in Review ~ Photos and Fun!

 The retreat began with beautiful music by Don and Deb (Cerdeb) Burger of North Carolina, our LYSO (Local Yarn Store Owner) Sirkku Bingham joined in to play her sheep! Goody bags in hand, with crochet hooks at the ready, the first of many evening door prize drawings got the festivities kicked off! The weather was […]

Crochet Countdown!

Less than a month until the retreat! Can you believe it? For two years we’ve plotted and schemed to make a crochet fantasy come true, and as this fantasy becomes reality Im too excited for words! Well, that’s not completely true or I wouldn’t be writing this blog post, so let’s just say I’m so […]

The "House"

CLF 2010 Retreat: Crochet@Cama 2

   Oh yes, this is where we are going to be crocheting! In fact, here’s some more pictures to entice you to come to our fabulous retreat! Yeah, it’s not until October 17-21, 2010, but I want to give you lots of time to think about what classes you want to take and make reservations […]

CLF NEWS: Retreat Update

Ok crochet fans…Just a reminder that I’m working on the webpages for the retreat. I’m ALMOST done. It’s not hard to make the pages, but I was trying to figure out the logistics of how to set them up, and I have finally figured out the simplest route. Now as you know this retreat is […]


New Crochet Edict…Just talk about us. 10

Ok, back to dating analogies… So, you’re out with this reallllly cute guy. I mean wow, jaw dropping, drooling, slaveringly handsome, voice to die for, he’s polite, employed, owns his own abode and pays his bills,he’s witty, funny, charming, (guys feel free to insert a female version of this fantasy in here), he even listens when […]