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Need a quick gift? Crocheted Ice Skates!

I have become a crocheted ice skate addict. That’s right, the joy of taking simple paper clips, a few yards of yummy yarn and a crochet hook has caputured my imagination and offered a great distraction through the holiday time off…  For some reason my original post ended up being blank, so here is the […]

white and black

Taffetta bag with picot edgin

Quick Fabric and Crochet Gift Bags

 Crochet Confession I like to make things quick and dirty. Long involved projects are something I do maybe once a year. Here’s a quick and easy project.  If you have old clothes that have fun, relatively loose weave fabric you can just use those (make sure the fabric is clean and pressed). I find it’s […]

More Holiday Crochet Ideas 4

Every year I try to offer you readers some quick and easy holiday crochet ideas while awarding designers with either a Hookalicious Award or a Set My Picot Free Award. There’s no rhyme or reason to how I hand out these awards, it’s purely on my whim, rest assured I’m somewhat picky about how I […]


A time to contemplate the season… 3

am2010hats Originally uploaded by HoosierLadyB After the post Thanksgiving consumer fest that is Black Friday thru today Cyber Monday, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of shopping bags and receipts. The news will tell you it’s you helping the economy, and the commercials tell you that you have to have it…that you can’t […]

Deck the Halls… 1

It is now safe to go to the CLF Website. All fixed, all better, now I can get back to work on the website. YAY… So let’s celebrate with some Holiday Carols shall we? This adorable wall hanging is perfect for those who “Need a Little Christmas” or enjoy the by gone Victorian mood of […]

A funny thing happened on the way to the blog… 3

I know this poor little blog ha s been silent…not because I wanted it to be so, I just had some technical difficulties this week which prevented my blogging anything or any of the fun thoughts that can to my consciousness this week! You see it all started on Monday and ended at last fatefully […]

More Bazaar Ideas… 5

Yes, bazaar, not bizarre but you never know, coming from me it may end up being about both! The Facebook Page is really active, and I completely appreciate everyone’s comments, it really gives me lots of good blogging fodder. We had an interesting mix of comments from the last blog post which lead me to […]

Post Retreat and here come the holidays!

Well, I was a little wiped out after the retreat. I had intended to finish up my work on the CLF Website, and send off emails, and blog, but those intentions got lost in a puddle of drool last week. I’m now up and running and drool free, and ready to catch up on my […]

Jelly Yarn…yum! 2

Yeah, yeah, I know year’s retrospective…it’s coming I promise! In the mean time may I please be allowed to amuse you with my most recent obsession? Jelly Yarn. Yes, you heard me, Jelly Yarn.  Yes, it is my new obsession. It just arrived today. Talk about blow my mind! First of all I wouldn’t have […]

A funky rose for a funky belt.

Holiday Crochet: Puppet with 'tude! 3

Clabbert Originally uploaded by Star Knits Meet “Clabbert” who is ” tree dwelling monkey frog like creature that has a pustule in the middle of it’s forehead that glows when muggles or danger approach.” According to CLF Member Starknits on Ravelry.com. Ok, so we know I needed a little Christmas Cheer…this did it. The most […]