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For the guys: This Sets My Picot Free

Want ideas for guys?  Hats are not passe! As Rips who has crocheted himself a fabulous hat to keep that noggin warm in the cold temps of Trondheim, Norway!   What’s an engineer to do? Right?  Rips is a CLF member and he is getting an award for awesome crochet! I love his design of this […]


A time to contemplate the season… 3

am2010hats Originally uploaded by HoosierLadyB After the post Thanksgiving consumer fest that is Black Friday thru today Cyber Monday, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of shopping bags and receipts. The news will tell you it’s you helping the economy, and the commercials tell you that you have to have it…that you can’t […]

This hat Sets Our Picot Free! 1

  This is a fabulous hat! Made by CLF Member Rubyshoecreations using the Lattice Hat pattern from Rheatheylia. I love the surface crochet lattices, and saw some other versions of the hat on Ravelry.com as well. With fall approaching I ask you, can we make enough hats? No, no we cannot. Hats are fabulous accessories and in […]

Picot Freeing Beret! 1

IMG_0071.JPG    Originally uploaded by mortaine   Ok, this blog post is combining two goals in one! YAY…  First of all, I want to say that my 3rd issue of Handknit Heros arrived in the mail and I’m thrilled to see it! CLF Member Mortaine is the owner and evil genius behind the hip and edgy comic. Crochet […]

Baby it's Cold Outside… 1

Wowsies! After a blazing summer with only 5 full rainy days, October has become rather chilly here in the great Northwest! It’s so cold at night we’ve actually starting building a fire, which I LOVE! It’s cozy, and homey, and of course that makes me break out the hooks and yarn. Other than working on […]

Brother kindly models sister's hat.

Creativity knows no bounds… 1

I’m of two minds about rules. On the one hand I am at heart an academic, I love to study and learning the rules to any given matter is exhilarating to me. To delve as deep as possible into the knowledge base of a matter is intoxicating; I adore knowing things. Even better, I am […]