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You can be a SUPER AWESOME gift giver! 1

I’m super excited about my new book. It’s a cute little thing that I      published to help my fellow crocheters (and crafters of all ilk) deal with gift giving and holiday stress like no other book I have seen.    CLF News Readers have already had their  special deal but I don’t want to […]

Flannel Ornaments

Coming soon! The CLF Presents The Official Guide to Super Awesome Gift Giving

  In just a few days a crochet lover’s survival guide to gift giving and the holidays shall be unleashed into the world! In this book you will find out the secrets to the art of gifting! How to give awesome gifts every time and how to deal with those hyper-critical people in your life. […]

Labor of Love: Crochet, Long Weekends and Really Soft Yarn 6

Many of us who crochet  do a lot for others, we crochet miles of yarn every year to light up the lives of our family, friends and  community. We do this in such a “zen-like” manner that we don’t give it much thought, it’s just something we do. We don’t think about the time we […]

Jimbo shows us all we have the power with the Hooknuck!

Oh baby! Show me them knuckles! 1

Need some quick Holiday crochet ideas! I love fingerless gloves just for that purpose, quick gifts that you can whip up in a jiff! Now you can make more complicated patterns with complicated stitches too, and those are fabulous, but if you’re checking over the gift list and find you’re missing someone, these are a […]

Holiday Crochet: 4 days 1

4 days left, well actually 3 and maybe a few more if you are like me and have several “after Christmas-Christmas get togethers”. I will more than likely be crocheting on Christmas day, since I’m meeting up with family and friends on the 27th, and then on the 29th. What do I have to finish? […]

Holiday Crochet: Making Memories 3

When I was a little girl, I had many  gifts given to me that were made by grandmas and aunties, and my mom. I loved those gifts; doll dresses, my very own Christmas ornaments, hats, the world’s longest scarf, bean bag critters, a leather pouch WITH fringe, necklaces, and ponchos, even a really cool Humpty Dumpty […]

Holiday Crochet!

Hearts and star Originally uploaded by yarn jungle Hello my pretties! From here until mid-December I will be putting up great holiday crochet ideas. Most of them will be simple, and quick since that clock is tick tick ticking away! These really cute ornaments would make quick and easy gifts for relatives, teachers, friends! I […]