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Thread Heads 7

I… Love…Threadwork… Chant with me…I …. LOVE…Threadwork… What? I know, I know modern crocheters shy away from thread…why oh why I’ll never know. For me thread is the quintessential medium in which to crochet.  It’s just counting people, so much of beautiful thread work is just a series of negative spaces created by chains at […]

LED light cozy

Let the Pre-Winter Crochet Week Begin!

Gwen Blakely Kinser presents Chris Krauss with the CLF Crochet Friendly LYS Certificate! I can’t think of a better way of kicking off this week than by sharing some fun and great news!! Gwen Blakely Kinser, known to many as the founder of the Crochet Guild of America or humbly as Crochet Queen on her […]

More Bazaar Ideas… 5

Yes, bazaar, not bizarre but you never know, coming from me it may end up being about both! The Facebook Page is really active, and I completely appreciate everyone’s comments, it really gives me lots of good blogging fodder. We had an interesting mix of comments from the last blog post which lead me to […]


At what price? 9

Since I started the CLF blog I have written many a post about value and crochet. That we must not ask for comparison to find crochet to be of value, that we must accept that what we do takes skill, time and practice, and that what we make does have an intrinsic value, one that can […]

This hat Sets Our Picot Free! 1

  This is a fabulous hat! Made by CLF Member Rubyshoecreations using the Lattice Hat pattern from Rheatheylia. I love the surface crochet lattices, and saw some other versions of the hat on Ravelry.com as well. With fall approaching I ask you, can we make enough hats? No, no we cannot. Hats are fabulous accessories and in […]

We bid (Inter) National Crochet Month Au Revoir… 2

But, not adieu!  March has come and gone oh so quickly! (Inter)Natcromo has been a wild and wooly time on the CLF message board, on Ravelry for the Crochet Party, and the tweets have been fabulous! (You can follow the CLF on Twitter, CrochetLibFront ) I know many of us were inspired to crochet more, […]

CLF NEWS: 2010 Crochet Awards Nominees for Best Designer Children’s Wear & Accessories

So, I won’t repeat myself this time, I promise. I will say something new! The races have really heated up, there is a tie for the best pattern book (won’t say which books are tied), there is a tie in a designer category, and for best hooks by a corporation my goodness that’s a hot […]

CLF NEWS:Flamie Nominees Best Designer for Men’s Wear & Accessories

Hi everyone, once again at the risk of sounding like a broken record, WOW the response has been ammmmmaaaaazzzzing!  As ever I want to remind you that any photos shown here are just a single representation of a body of work done by the designer. Please investigate them further! The whole point to the Flamie […]

Holiday Crochet: More for HIM!

Open Mitten Originally uploaded by raelovzyou Looking for a quick and dirty project for one of themen in your life? These open mittens are a sure hit! Pattern by Sue Norad, and available HERE. Made with a fairly bulky yarn & an H hook you can whip these out in no time! The photo pictured […]

Holiday Crochet: Doll Clothes & Accessories 1

AG Bunny Slipper Originally uploaded by Cobblers Cabin My beloved Gwennie is a girl of her own mind! My 9 year old niece desperately wanted an American Girl Doll for her birthday, and so all of the family pitched into the “Gwennie needs this doll or else fund”… Well, here’s the sad thing, “Molly” (The […]