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Stress Induced Crochet & Day 6: CLF Birthday CAL instructions

Pics coming I promise! I’m just running behind schedule, if you hadn’t noticed the website had a wee little crash yesterday, it was ever so exciting and I learned how to do even more new things in the land of computer code. It wasn’t exactly my plan, and it induced a major crochet session to […]

It's a good day to Dye…

I keep getting asked, “So what does the retreat fee cover?” Now, granted I do have the schedule up on the website, which details the activities. But, I thought I might inspire you all, both those that have registered and those who have yet to do so, with the “GRAND PLAN!”… In answer to the […]

Crochet @ Cama! Classes & Activities 2

Ok, be prepared, my mind is solely focused on the Crochet @ Cama Retreat! You will be hearing a lot about it from now until the end of September. Why? Because I am a) excited b) I talk about things I’m doing. Todays post is featuring the work of our fabulous teachers, Karen Whooley, Deb Burger, […]

Free Form Spiral Purse by Bonnie Pierce

Retreat News & Blog Forecast

Well, I finally have a moment to blog. I tell you the middle of July through August are crazy times for this crochet fanatic! It’s even more crazy as I scramble through the late stages of the retreat planning. I would like to remind you all that I have NEVER organized a retreat before, but I […]

Picot Freeing Beret! 1

IMG_0071.JPG    Originally uploaded by mortaine   Ok, this blog post is combining two goals in one! YAY…  First of all, I want to say that my 3rd issue of Handknit Heros arrived in the mail and I’m thrilled to see it! CLF Member Mortaine is the owner and evil genius behind the hip and edgy comic. Crochet […]

CLF NEWS:2010 Crochet Awards Nominees for Best Designer, Free Form 4

Yay, what ever little code gremlin was interfering  with my Ravelry usage has been fixed! Crochet be praised! Now we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming of showing off the work of the nominees. Now, I knew I couldn’t get through all of the categories before the voting ends on Monday, March 22; […]

Holiday Crochet: Crochet as Art

crochet circle Originally uploaded by dizziebizzielizzie Not all recipients of our gift giving are into clothes, or cuddlies. Some of them may be into objet d’art! CLF member bizzielizzie made this gorgeous piece using her free form skills! It’s amazing what we can do as crocheters with found objects, and scrap yarn! Pull out your […]