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Celebrating National Crochet Month

  I’ve said it for years… When we all do better, we all do better. March is (Inter)National Crochet Month I want to celebrate National Crochet Month on the CLF by helping YOU do better. Whether you have an Etsy store, sell your patterns on Ravelry or teach classes on-line and offline… The one thing […]



Kathryn Vercillo launches Hook to Heal

  Popular crochet blogger and author Kathryn Vercillo has just announced her newest project, Hook to Heal. The project, which is a book and corresponding set of online classes, is receiving overwhelming support from funders on Indiegogo. Crochet lovers, artists and makers of all kinds are donating to the cause because they believe in the value of crochet […]

Need a quick gift? Crocheted Ice Skates!

I have become a crocheted ice skate addict. That’s right, the joy of taking simple paper clips, a few yards of yummy yarn and a crochet hook has caputured my imagination and offered a great distraction through the holiday time off…  For some reason my original post ended up being blank, so here is the […]

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Tell me what you love!

   We only a have a few weeks left in 2011! That means I’m not only busily getting CLF 3.0 up and running, I’m also planning the 4th Annual Crochet Awards! The Flamies!! Now if you’re new to the idea of the Flamie Awards, then you should read up here. If you’re an old hand, […]

Cro-innovations: A Crochet Curriculum 1

If you’ve taught crochet or even thought about teaching crochet you will know that one of the most daunting aspects of the matter is creating a comprehensive curriculum. You don’t want to breach copyright so you most likely have to write up a pattern, instructions and other goodies. You have to think about every detail, […]

The Journey of The Mystery Machine – Part 3 4

I decided to try to crochet the faces of the Scooby Gang inside the window of The Mystery Machine late one night. My success in shaping the lettering and waves gave me the confidence to try for actual faces. But being the middle of the night I was limited to my stash of random balls […]


Yarn Shopping is an Artform 2

   I don’t know about you, but I normally hate shopping. Seriously, walking through department stores is the most BORING thing in the world to me. The clothes are boring, the shoes are boring, the jewelry is boring, and I’m just not that into “stuff.”  But yarn shopping? Holy Guacamole Catwoman that is a whole […]