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Need a quick gift? Crocheted Ice Skates!

I have become a crocheted ice skate addict. That’s right, the joy of taking simple paper clips, a few yards of yummy yarn and a crochet hook has caputured my imagination and offered a great distraction through the holiday time off…  For some reason my original post ended up being blank, so here is the […]

Tell me what you love!

   We only a have a few weeks left in 2011! That means I’m not only busily getting CLF 3.0 up and running, I’m also planning the 4th Annual Crochet Awards! The Flamies!! Now if you’re new to the idea of the Flamie Awards, then you should read up here. If you’re an old hand, […]

The Journey of The Mystery Machine – Part 3 4

I decided to try to crochet the faces of the Scooby Gang inside the window of The Mystery Machine late one night. My success in shaping the lettering and waves gave me the confidence to try for actual faces. But being the middle of the night I was limited to my stash of random balls […]

Crochet and CLF Gear

To loyal readers, thank you! I’ve been working on content and CLF 3.0 content and not a lot of that is in evidence just yet. I’m really fortunate to have some really great friends who are helping do some code monkey like activities in order to give us a fresh new look. Plus, my mind […]

Back to the Holidays… 2

So I desperately need crochet distractions at the moment…I really shouldn’t have posted that last blog post as if I was through with the mayhem that has been this week…ah no…no the finale…The CLF Website has been hacked, I am currently working with my webhost to get the site back in working order (am I […]

This Shawl Sets our Picot Free! 6

It’s fall, we need inspiration. If you’re like me and haven’t really started your holiday crafting, and if you aren’t like me please don’t gloat, I thought I’d start awarding some simple and yet elegant projects that will WOW your giftees! This gorgeous shawl was made by CLF member Espins it’s from the book “Crochet Lace: […]

This hat Sets Our Picot Free! 1

  This is a fabulous hat! Made by CLF Member Rubyshoecreations using the Lattice Hat pattern from Rheatheylia. I love the surface crochet lattices, and saw some other versions of the hat on Ravelry.com as well. With fall approaching I ask you, can we make enough hats? No, no we cannot. Hats are fabulous accessories and in […]

It's Fair Time Again!! 3

I know this blog has been quiet, too quiet. For that I am truly apologetic!  But once again it’s Fair Time in the Stanwood Camano area of Washinton State. As superintendant of the Hand Spinning and Fleece department the end of July and beginning of August find me frazzled and frought with creative bursts of […]

Happy Birthday Crochet Kharma! 4

Yesturday was my birthday, my gift from husband was a trip out to my favorite bookstores, which is a long drive through pretty country side. This one book store has all manner of treasures, I know if I’m looking for something funky, out of the ordinary, or a subject that has little information on it, […]