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What if fun IS your business?

It’s funny how there are certain words and concepts that are guaranteed to cause a ruckus.  Talking about business to creative people is one of those words – so often we associate it with corporate greed that we forget that little local endeavors, including Etsy stores and E-commerce sites are often micro – businesses.   […]


Kathryn Vercillo launches Hook to Heal

  Popular crochet blogger and author Kathryn Vercillo has just announced her newest project, Hook to Heal. The project, which is a book and corresponding set of online classes, is receiving overwhelming support from funders on Indiegogo. Crochet lovers, artists and makers of all kinds are donating to the cause because they believe in the value of crochet […]

Wonder how the Internet Works?

Look my crocheting lovelies, if you’re reading this either on your computer or ipad or smart phone then you are using the internet. If you blog, sell patterns, sell finished crochet items; you use the internet. You don’t have to know all of the mechanics of how it works, but I do notice a lot […]


The Road to Reno Day Four: Set up Begins and Show Preview! 2

So, my blog posts are a little delayed. With set up and showtime, I didn’t hit the computer until Saturday night so here’s a quick run down on the awesome of Day 4!     Monica (craftwich creations), Debra (www.mycrochetkits.com), Mom (my mom), Laurinda Reddig (www.recrochetions.blogspot.com) and myself, set to work making the booth look […]

International Crochet Day is Coming! 1

Oh boy, I almost forgot! Thank heavens Jimbo reminded us on Hookey.org! This coming Wednesday, September 12, 2012 is our third International Crochet Day!!! Jimbo the hook maker (and awesome all round guy) created our day to fete the hook and trip the yarn fantastic all around the globe! I’ll be celebrating by completing my […]



Let’s chat about Trademark and Copyright

There, I’ve done it. I have opened a giant can of Whoop Ass worms.  Crafting sites and message boards are full of myths and common “wisdom” about trademarks and copyrights. I’ve done a little digging and found some basic information for you to help clear up the matter. No, I’m not a lawyer, and if […]

Special Announcement: CLF Indie Pro Plus Member Press Release.

I’m so excited and proud to write this article about Indie Pro Plus member Karen Ratto Whooley. I met Karen six years ago at the Seattle Knitting Expo back in the days when I was creating and selling premium art yarns. Since then we’ve both come a long way! It’s been a joy to watch […]

New York Blocks

Urban Edge Blog Tour: Win a Free Copy! 9

I’m just going to come out and say it. ABOUT DAMN TIME! Finally, we who love crochet and who have championed the cause of crochet fabric and garments have cause to celebrate. In this book, Urban Edge, we have everything we as a crochet community have asked for in garments, pattern layout, and photography! Editors […]

Crochet is a business 4

I thought I would expand upon the post I wrote yesterday and fill in some necessary blanks. There are many more professional aspects to the “crochet industry” than design and pattern writing, we tend to just talk about designers and I think that really does the industry a disservice. I think it’s important to the […]