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Crochet Patterns – Don’t Give Them Away

  Crochet patterns are a time consuming product to create. Someone has to conceive the idea, write the pattern, create the prototype, make adjustments (if needed), correct instructions, lay out the pattern, create schematics, drawings, charts (if you’re lucky) and write the romance text. There are photos to take, files to create, and uploads to […]


This gets my yarn in a knot… 12

Multiple times in the past week I have seen messages in my Twitter stream about designers whose patterns have been copied and sold illegally on various websites. This get’s my yarn in a knot.  People who sell the work of others are stealing and that is unacceptable on any level. It’s not just happening to […]

PHM…what to do? 2

I have heard your cry! I have your pleas! Some of you are crying boredom, some information overload, some of you still have Post Holiday Crochet Injuries (PHCI) and even worse, the Post Holiday Malaise (PHM). What to do? What to do!? Here are a few tips that may help in any of the above cases! Boredom […]


At what price? 9

Since I started the CLF blog I have written many a post about value and crochet. That we must not ask for comparison to find crochet to be of value, that we must accept that what we do takes skill, time and practice, and that what we make does have an intrinsic value, one that can […]

Post Retreat and here come the holidays!

Well, I was a little wiped out after the retreat. I had intended to finish up my work on the CLF Website, and send off emails, and blog, but those intentions got lost in a puddle of drool last week. I’m now up and running and drool free, and ready to catch up on my […]

Picot Freeing Beret! 1

IMG_0071.JPG    Originally uploaded by mortaine   Ok, this blog post is combining two goals in one! YAY…  First of all, I want to say that my 3rd issue of Handknit Heros arrived in the mail and I’m thrilled to see it! CLF Member Mortaine is the owner and evil genius behind the hip and edgy comic. Crochet […]

Market Watch: Crochet Book Sales 5

That was quite a discussion we had in this post, when I asked you, the crocheters to explain what makes you buy or not buy books. Your comments were about what I expected to hear. Beyond not being able to afford books, what I heard was the following: 1) Cannot find them at bookstores, yarn […]

A crocheter’s crochet book! Review 8

So, earlier today I tweeted that I had found nothing to blog about; a rare event indeed! Upon returning home from the Tuesday library trip, I found this wonderful package awaiting me on the kitchen counter. Oh yes, the book I have eagerly awaited ever since I saw the early advertisement in the Yarn Market […]

We bid (Inter) National Crochet Month Au Revoir… 2

But, not adieu!  March has come and gone oh so quickly! (Inter)Natcromo has been a wild and wooly time on the CLF message board, on Ravelry for the Crochet Party, and the tweets have been fabulous! (You can follow the CLF on Twitter, CrochetLibFront ) I know many of us were inspired to crochet more, […]

CLF NEWS: 2010 Crochet Awards Nominees for Best Designer Children’s Wear & Accessories

So, I won’t repeat myself this time, I promise. I will say something new! The races have really heated up, there is a tie for the best pattern book (won’t say which books are tied), there is a tie in a designer category, and for best hooks by a corporation my goodness that’s a hot […]