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The Road to Reno Day Four: Set up Begins and Show Preview! 2

So, my blog posts are a little delayed. With set up and showtime, I didn’t hit the computer until Saturday night so here’s a quick run down on the awesome of Day 4!     Monica (craftwich creations), Debra (www.mycrochetkits.com), Mom (my mom), Laurinda Reddig (www.recrochetions.blogspot.com) and myself, set to work making the booth look […]


CLF Evolution… 1

“You say you want a revolution…well ya know…we all wanna change the world…”  Recognize the song? I bet you’d be shocked to know it’s one of my favorite songs ever, and has been since I was about six years old. Have you ever listened to the words carefully? It’s a protest against the call for […]

Fearless Leader Decrees…First Annual Winter Crochet Week! 2

As Fearless Leader of the CLF I hear by decree the very first Pre-Winter Crochet Week…December 5-11, 2010 During this week, we shall do the following: Seek out the best of the best in crochet to highlight here on the board as well as on our blogs! Let’s show the world how wonderful we really […]

Oh baby! Show me them knuckles! 1

Need some quick Holiday crochet ideas! I love fingerless gloves just for that purpose, quick gifts that you can whip up in a jiff! Now you can make more complicated patterns with complicated stitches too, and those are fabulous, but if you’re checking over the gift list and find you’re missing someone, these are a […]

Gifts for the Crocheter… 1

As fun as it is to make gifts for others, it’s also fun to recieve gifts! Now, for some reason when asked what we want for a gift we don’t say yarn, or hooks, or books. Maybe some of us remember to do so, but others like me forget to ask for specifics that relate […]

Hooks Raised! CLF SALUTE! 3

Today I was so excited to get a message from a good friend on Facebook, telling me they enjoyed the story run by the Everett Herald (Everett, WA) about the CLF  retreat!http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20101012/LIVING/710129999/1027 .Another good friend had contacted a reporter and told them they HAD to run the story because we’re too goofy upon which not to […]

This Shawl Sets our Picot Free! 6

It’s fall, we need inspiration. If you’re like me and haven’t really started your holiday crafting, and if you aren’t like me please don’t gloat, I thought I’d start awarding some simple and yet elegant projects that will WOW your giftees! This gorgeous shawl was made by CLF member Espins it’s from the book “Crochet Lace: […]

Yarn Tasting: What the heck is that?

Surely you’ve heard of a wine tasting?  Various wines are on display and you get to taste them, cleanse your pallette and move on to the next. Well, a yarn tasting is not that different, only it doesn’t involve wine, spitting or crackers. At the retreat our opening night will feature a yarn tasting. In […]

Cro-citement! Crochetivity! Cro-lovely! 2

Now that school is up and running, and Crochet @ Cama is just around the corner! Just over a month until it’s here! I can’t believe it! I am getting soooooooooooooo excited. Two years of scheming and dreaming is almost at an end and the fun will begin! A quick reminder that the early bird price […]

Retreat News & Blog Forecast

Well, I finally have a moment to blog. I tell you the middle of July through August are crazy times for this crochet fanatic! It’s even more crazy as I scramble through the late stages of the retreat planning. I would like to remind you all that I have NEVER organized a retreat before, but I […]