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The Road to Reno Day Four: Set up Begins and Show Preview! 2

So, my blog posts are a little delayed. With set up and showtime, I didn’t hit the computer until Saturday night so here’s a quick run down on the awesome of Day 4!     Monica (craftwich creations), Debra (www.mycrochetkits.com), Mom (my mom), Laurinda Reddig (www.recrochetions.blogspot.com) and myself, set to work making the booth look […]

International Crochet Day is Coming! 1

Oh boy, I almost forgot! Thank heavens Jimbo reminded us on Hookey.org! This coming Wednesday, September 12, 2012 is our third International Crochet Day!!! Jimbo the hook maker (and awesome all round guy) created our day to fete the hook and trip the yarn fantastic all around the globe! I’ll be celebrating by completing my […]


Yarn Tasting: What the heck is that?

Surely you’ve heard of a wine tasting?  Various wines are on display and you get to taste them, cleanse your pallette and move on to the next. Well, a yarn tasting is not that different, only it doesn’t involve wine, spitting or crackers. At the retreat our opening night will feature a yarn tasting. In […]

CLF NEWS: Crochet Award Nominees for Best Indi Crochet Hooks

As promised the blogging about Crochet Award nominees continues! With once again a reminder to tune into Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple on April 19th, 2010 at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern! You can find out who the winners are then, with special guests and hilarious (promise) commentary!! Today we’ll feature the nominees for […]

The "House"

CLF 2010 Retreat: Crochet@Cama 2

   Oh yes, this is where we are going to be crocheting! In fact, here’s some more pictures to entice you to come to our fabulous retreat! Yeah, it’s not until October 17-21, 2010, but I want to give you lots of time to think about what classes you want to take and make reservations […]

CLF NEWS: Retreat Update

Ok crochet fans…Just a reminder that I’m working on the webpages for the retreat. I’m ALMOST done. It’s not hard to make the pages, but I was trying to figure out the logistics of how to set them up, and I have finally figured out the simplest route. Now as you know this retreat is […]



Fearless Leader’s Special Hook 2

I’ve been meaning to show off my special hook. My dear friend and CLF member, Jimbo creator of “Dippy” the world’s largest hook, created this fabulous hook for me. It’s so special and unique, it’s made from the core of my good friend “Dippy.”

New Crochet Edict…Just talk about us. 10

Ok, back to dating analogies… So, you’re out with this reallllly cute guy. I mean wow, jaw dropping, drooling, slaveringly handsome, voice to die for, he’s polite, employed, owns his own abode and pays his bills,he’s witty, funny, charming, (guys feel free to insert a female version of this fantasy in here), he even listens when […]

Celebrating Crochet 8

There have been a few close calls on our message board of late. Nothing invalid with the sentiments in them, people annoyed at fairly well known pointy stick personalities dissin’ the hook. The subject has been well hashed over at the CLF message board, and frankly we don’t like to mention folks by name. Mostly […]