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Crochet Weekend in Washington State

CLF Pro Members, World Wide Yarns and Karen Ratto Whooley have partnered for a fabulous crochet experience in Soap Lake, Washington! You don’t want to miss this event and there is limited space, so sign up before it’s too late! Event:  June 1 – 2 Call to reserve your spot right away as the retreat […]

Come explore new skills and have a blast!


Phuzzy Photos: Photos make or break you!

Let me tell you a secret. Well, okay it’s not really a secret, but I’m a crappy photographer. You can hand me a Gillion TetraGigawatPixel super dooper fancy camera and I will still screw up 8 out of 10 shots. Why? Cause I’m visually impaired, the last time I saw with 20/20 vision I was […]

Pattern Reading 101: Online Class

Last week in the CLF News I announced our October on-line class:  Crochet Pattern Reading 101  . Sunday October 30th join me and other hook lovers to de-code the mysteries behind reading patterns.  We’ll cover the secrets to effective interpretation, catching errors, discuss the best way to get started on a project, how to tell if […]


Time is running out!

For those of you living in the Pacific Northwest I’d like to remind you that our incredible retreat is just around the corner! Crochet @ Cama 2011 is an amazing event full of great crochet education, activities and goodies! All retreat goers (yes that includes you daytrippers) get a fabulous goody bag, morning class on […]

Crochet@Cama in Review ~ Photos and Fun!

 The retreat began with beautiful music by Don and Deb (Cerdeb) Burger of North Carolina, our LYSO (Local Yarn Store Owner) Sirkku Bingham joined in to play her sheep! Goody bags in hand, with crochet hooks at the ready, the first of many evening door prize drawings got the festivities kicked off! The weather was […]

Mad modeling Bonnie's amazing work ;D

Around the table at the LYS 4

So yesterday afternoon I went in to speak with Sirkku, the owner of the LYS who is most local to me. She is a huge supporter of my endeavors. I’ve known her for about 9 years, pre-LYS days even, and she is an amazing person to know. She and June (the knitting instructor) and I often […]

Crochet @ Cama! Classes & Activities 2

Ok, be prepared, my mind is solely focused on the Crochet @ Cama Retreat! You will be hearing a lot about it from now until the end of September. Why? Because I am a) excited b) I talk about things I’m doing. Todays post is featuring the work of our fabulous teachers, Karen Whooley, Deb Burger, […]

Free Form Spiral Purse by Bonnie Pierce

Retreat News & Blog Forecast

Well, I finally have a moment to blog. I tell you the middle of July through August are crazy times for this crochet fanatic! It’s even more crazy as I scramble through the late stages of the retreat planning. I would like to remind you all that I have NEVER organized a retreat before, but I […]

And life goes on… 1

Before I get down to brass tacks and business, I want to thank you all for the beautiful messages of condolence. I’d like to say that I’m “over it” and moving on, but I can say, I’m merely moving. Truth be told, I’ve experienced a lot of grief in my life and it is really […]

Crochet Lessons: Learning Curves 15

So, my dear CLFers, you and I have been on this fabulous journey together for over 2 1/2 years! Isn’t it amazing? And I have a confession to make, I haven’t been following my own advice. That’s right, Fearless Leader, has not been taking the medicine she has been so liberally prescribing! (Though I never really […]