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Top 5 things that drive me nuts at shows 8

I haven’t ranted in a while, and this isn’t a rant, but more of a cautionary tale. I go to various shows where people sell their wares, they range from little local bazaars to big industry shows and there are things that some vendors do that really stick in my craw. Now, you’d think that […]

All about the Yarn…

There is so much we can do with crochet! I am constantly in awe of the thousands of projects in the CLF group pages (and pages and pages). As I scan through the images, I can’t but be filled with wonder at the creativity and talent that comprises our membership! From our beginners who are […]

New Crochet Edict…Just talk about us. 10

Ok, back to dating analogies… So, you’re out with this reallllly cute guy. I mean wow, jaw dropping, drooling, slaveringly handsome, voice to die for, he’s polite, employed, owns his own abode and pays his bills,he’s witty, funny, charming, (guys feel free to insert a female version of this fantasy in here), he even listens when […]

Experts make it look easy… 2

Regardless of the craft, event, activity, an expert is going to make something look easy. I remember watching cooking shows on PBS when I was a kid, and then “trying it at home.” I was always so frustrated when I couldn’t make those fancy icing flowers like they showed me on T.V.! In fact, I […]

Brother kindly models sister's hat.

Creativity knows no bounds… 1

I’m of two minds about rules. On the one hand I am at heart an academic, I love to study and learning the rules to any given matter is exhilarating to me. To delve as deep as possible into the knowledge base of a matter is intoxicating; I adore knowing things. Even better, I am […]

Apple Blossom Stole Set's Our Picot Free!

284272806149 Originally uploaded by mooncobress CLF Member MoonCobress made this stunning stole! And her Ravelry project notes are excellent! She used Kal Mistry’s Apple Blossom Stole pattern which is available for free here http://www.theinsideloop.com/Issue2/Patterns/appleblossom.html MoonCobress I adore this piece, I would so wear this piece, you have set my imagination and my picot free! Congratulations, […]

Calling all Crafters…

We interupt the regular scheduled programming of the Blog for an important announcement! As you know I have offered to help Candi Jensen, Executive Producer of Knit and Crochet Today bring awareness to the public about the need for underwriting dollars and private donations. Folks we’re starting to get down to the wire, and yes […]

Saving the best (yarn) for later…Why? 2

Hippocrates said, “The life so short, the craft so long to learn (master).”  I think that is a very applicable statement when it comes to we who craft in fiber, with hooks or other implements. So, often I am dismayed by crocheters who will relate that they are not “good enough” at their chosen craft […]