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Contract Crochet Work: Get Paid to Crochet

Yes, Contract Crochet Work IS a real job. Did you know there is a shortage of contract crochet workers? If you ever wondered how some designers manage to crank out designs, it’s because they contract with  crochet workers  to create the finished items that are used in trunk shows, photo shoots and more. If you’ve […]



A funny thing happened on the way to the fiber fest

After the great kerfuffle of Thursday’s on-line social action I fell into bed and counted the sheep I was going to see on Saturday in Eugene, Or at the Black Sheep Gathering. Friday morning, Jeff and I began our almost 300 mile trek south.  Normally it takes about 6 1/2 hours to get to Eugene […]

Teaser: CLF 3.0 2

 Ok, I’ve been talking about it all year, and you still haven’t seen anything yet. Don’t worry, come January 2012 you will.  I’ve been planning, writing and creating what will be CLF 3.0. Here’s some information that won’t give the whole game away.  What exists now will remain as it is, the website will get […]

Today is International Crochet Day! Celebrate!! 1

   It’s here! It’s here! International Crochet Day is here! It feel like a birthday! It feels like a holiday! It feels like it’s time to get our crochet on! Thanks to the intrepid Jimbo we have our fabulous International Celebration of HookStars! Thing you can do to celebrate!             Sign up for Crochet @ […]

Crochet and CLF Gear

To loyal readers, thank you! I’ve been working on content and CLF 3.0 content and not a lot of that is in evidence just yet. I’m really fortunate to have some really great friends who are helping do some code monkey like activities in order to give us a fresh new look. Plus, my mind […]

Avante Garde Crochet…Shake it up 4

Hooksters, Crochet Aficionados, Yarn Lovers…Lend me your ears or eyes as the case may be… A wonderful member of the CLF has made a very important point on the CLF Message Board on Ravlery. There seems to be a rut in design happening. Now let’s not blame the designers over much, but we have to acknowledge that […]

PHM…what to do? 2

I have heard your cry! I have your pleas! Some of you are crying boredom, some information overload, some of you still have Post Holiday Crochet Injuries (PHCI) and even worse, the Post Holiday Malaise (PHM). What to do? What to do!? Here are a few tips that may help in any of the above cases! Boredom […]