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Day 13: Pics and SPARKLIES!!

    Jimbo the hook maker (Jim Price)is a man of many talents! Not only does he make divine hooks, teaches others to make them, but he also is a very fine photographer! Check out the Flickr group dedicated to last year’s Crochet @ Cama retreat!   CLF Birthday CAL: Here are some pics of […]

Cro-Diversity and Day 12 Instructions

Crochet is truly a diverse media, we can make so many different kinds of things, and use so many kinds of materials to create our fabulous hooked projects. Really, it’s almost an umbrella term for the act of using a hook. Let’s think of it this way if you are making an amigurumi using water […]

Day 11 CAL Instructions & Another Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Fearless Husband! And yes, he is fearless, he puts up with me, and you will be shocked to note that he is as unflappable and easy going as I am excitable and fiesty. He turns 51 today, making him a whole decade older than I for a whole 10 days! YAY! Am […]


What’s in a hook? Day 7: CLF Birthday CAL Instructions

We often don’t think about the tools we use to crochet, because with time and practice if we get a hook shaped object we can use it to make almost anything. Either that, or we do the same kinds of projects with such frequency that we just crochet on auto-pilot. There is nothing wrong with […]

Stress Induced Crochet & Day 6: CLF Birthday CAL instructions

Pics coming I promise! I’m just running behind schedule, if you hadn’t noticed the website had a wee little crash yesterday, it was ever so exciting and I learned how to do even more new things in the land of computer code. It wasn’t exactly my plan, and it induced a major crochet session to […]