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What if fun IS your business?

It’s funny how there are certain words and concepts that are guaranteed to cause a ruckus.  Talking about business to creative people is one of those words – so often we associate it with corporate greed that we forget that little local endeavors, including Etsy stores and E-commerce sites are often micro – businesses.   […]


Phuzzy Photos: Photos make or break you!

Let me tell you a secret. Well, okay it’s not really a secret, but I’m a crappy photographer. You can hand me a Gillion TetraGigawatPixel super dooper fancy camera and I will still screw up 8 out of 10 shots. Why? Cause I’m visually impaired, the last time I saw with 20/20 vision I was […]

Crochet is a business 4

I thought I would expand upon the post I wrote yesterday and fill in some necessary blanks. There are many more professional aspects to the “crochet industry” than design and pattern writing, we tend to just talk about designers and I think that really does the industry a disservice. I think it’s important to the […]


Crochet@Cama2011 038

Crochet @ Cama 2011 HOOKALICIOUS!! 5

  As I write this post the retreat is about to end. We had three wonderful days, with unusually bright sun, calm water, and expanding creativity. Our guests from around the United States and even from as far afield as Australia, have crocheted, carved, and cooed over delicious crochet, hooks and fibers. Our classes were […]

Pattern Reading 101: Online Class

Last week in the CLF News I announced our October on-line class:  Crochet Pattern Reading 101  . Sunday October 30th join me and other hook lovers to de-code the mysteries behind reading patterns.  We’ll cover the secrets to effective interpretation, catching errors, discuss the best way to get started on a project, how to tell if […]


Time is running out!

For those of you living in the Pacific Northwest I’d like to remind you that our incredible retreat is just around the corner! Crochet @ Cama 2011 is an amazing event full of great crochet education, activities and goodies! All retreat goers (yes that includes you daytrippers) get a fabulous goody bag, morning class on […]

Yarn 101: Which Stitch? An online class 1

    Let’s face it, we have access to a lot of fabulous yarn. I wish my Grandma Grace were alive today to see the abundance of fuzzy goodness we have to play with in our yarn stores. With this choice comes a kind of overwhelming sense of open creativity.  Beyond color choices, what kinds of […]



September the start of Change 1

  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a bit of a geek.        I loved school with all of my heart, I had a library card when I was  three and you had to sign your name to get it, I remember battling learning to sign my full name just so I could get the […]