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More Holiday Crochet Ideas 4

Every year I try to offer you readers some quick and easy holiday crochet ideas while awarding designers with either a Hookalicious Award or a Set My Picot Free Award. There’s no rhyme or reason to how I hand out these awards, it’s purely on my whim, rest assured I’m somewhat picky about how I […]


A time to contemplate the season… 3

am2010hats Originally uploaded by HoosierLadyB After the post Thanksgiving consumer fest that is Black Friday thru today Cyber Monday, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of shopping bags and receipts. The news will tell you it’s you helping the economy, and the commercials tell you that you have to have it…that you can’t […]

The Art of Gifting 5

So, I have this cousin, whom I love dearly and for whom the holidays are always a hard time, why? Because her in laws never seem to take into consideration the needs of her family during the season, they always arrange for the other son’s family. Even after addressing the issue with them, nothing much […]

Holiday Crochet: 4 days 1

4 days left, well actually 3 and maybe a few more if you are like me and have several “after Christmas-Christmas get togethers”. I will more than likely be crocheting on Christmas day, since I’m meeting up with family and friends on the 27th, and then on the 29th. What do I have to finish? […]

Holiday Crochet: Wine Bottle Gift Bag 2

Wine Bottle Gift Bag Originally uploaded by Drew – The Crochet Dude For the wine lover’s in our lives! These quick and easy crocheted gift bags add a little je ne sais quois to the holiday gift giving process! This pattern is by none other than The Crochet Dude, Drew Emborsky. I like this kind […]

Holiday Crochet:For the coffee lover in your life!

IMG_2232 Originally uploaded by Robbisaurus These adorable coffee cup sleeves are too cute, quick & easy! These were made by RobbieRobbie on Ravelry.com, but there are 21 OTHER version available to look at for ideas. The pattern was designed by Vickie Blizzard for Coats & Clark. Last minute gift? This could be it…Especially if you […]

Holiday Crochet: A few tips on gifting.

I’ll get back to my regular schedule programming of putting up cool crochet ideas for the holiday mad crafting season, but I thought I should take a moment and give some gifting advice. So often in forums and in email groups I hear the sad tale of hard working crocheters who lovingly make gifts for […]

Holiday Crochet: Doll Clothes & Accessories 1

AG Bunny Slipper Originally uploaded by Cobblers Cabin My beloved Gwennie is a girl of her own mind! My 9 year old niece desperately wanted an American Girl Doll for her birthday, and so all of the family pitched into the “Gwennie needs this doll or else fund”… Well, here’s the sad thing, “Molly” (The […]

Holiday Crochet!

Hearts and star Originally uploaded by yarn jungle Hello my pretties! From here until mid-December I will be putting up great holiday crochet ideas. Most of them will be simple, and quick since that clock is tick tick ticking away! These really cute ornaments would make quick and easy gifts for relatives, teachers, friends! I […]