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The Road to Reno Day Four: Set up Begins and Show Preview! 2

So, my blog posts are a little delayed. With set up and showtime, I didn’t hit the computer until Saturday night so here’s a quick run down on the awesome of Day 4!     Monica (craftwich creations), Debra (www.mycrochetkits.com), Mom (my mom), Laurinda Reddig (www.recrochetions.blogspot.com) and myself, set to work making the booth look […]



CLF Booth in Reno: Crochet hooks, books and kits OH MY!

Can you say Hookalicious?   I can’t stand surprises, I just have to let you in on the crochet goodness that is on offer at the CLF booth (820) at the Knit and Crochet Show in Reno, NV  (Sept 14-16).  You will find the BEST of crochet yumminess (yes yumminess is a word, I just […]

The Journey of The Mystery Machine – Part 3 4

I decided to try to crochet the faces of the Scooby Gang inside the window of The Mystery Machine late one night. My success in shaping the lettering and waves gave me the confidence to try for actual faces. But being the middle of the night I was limited to my stash of random balls […]

A year in Review ;)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZccoCN3P2Y]Finally it’s here…I promised it was something special. We did a lot in 2009! I know I promised at least one book this year, but I can promise it’s almost complete. My year was one of way ups and down. It started with my ex-husband passing away in January, and so we dealt with the […]

Crochet Thoughts… 4

It’s midweek, life has calmed down from the hectic and frenetic summer rush of activities in my local area. It’s all beginning to wind down, can we just sit here together for a moment, exhale slowly…now reach for that cup of tea and sit back and say, “ahhhhh, another summer of good work done!” Fall […]

Change of Plans & Choices & Books 4

Ok, CLFers don’t hate on me, cause I’ve had a change of plans for August. Yes, I said I was going to Buffalo, I wanted to go to Buffalo. I love my CGOA brothers and sisters. I wanted to take my hooks and yarns, and buy more hooks and yarns, and play play play! However, […]