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Time is running out!

For those of you living in the Pacific Northwest I’d like to remind you that our incredible retreat is just around the corner! Crochet @ Cama 2011 is an amazing event full of great crochet education, activities and goodies! All retreat goers (yes that includes you daytrippers) get a fabulous goody bag, morning class on […]



Adventures with Fearless Leader: Alpaca BABIES! 8

 Alpaca is great to crochet with!  Even though it does have a tendency to grow (meaning it doesn’t hold shape) in a garment if you use a fine yarn and tight tension you can make amazing lace items, and really wonderful hats!  I always crochet a little tighter when I use alpaca, because the stitches […]

Your wish is my command!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the CLF Members in the USA. I don’t know about you all, but here on Camano Island it has been COLD! Unseasably cold, and somewhat tundra like, the North Sound is a bit quiet these days as snow and ice have rendered many house bound. I am always so grateful […]

Mad modeling Bonnie's amazing work ;D

Crochet@Cama in Review ~ Photos and Fun!

 The retreat began with beautiful music by Don and Deb (Cerdeb) Burger of North Carolina, our LYSO (Local Yarn Store Owner) Sirkku Bingham joined in to play her sheep! Goody bags in hand, with crochet hooks at the ready, the first of many evening door prize drawings got the festivities kicked off! The weather was […]

Hooks & Boats 5

 This is where hooks shall be whittled with Jimbo the greatest hook maker I know! The best part about him coming to the retreat (besides getting to see him cause he’s so awesome) is that he’s teaching how to whittle your own hooks, and both my hubby and my son’s best friend signed up to […]

Gorgeous mornings

Cloudy or blue skies, the power of nature is always felt at Cama Beach.

Cro-magination… 2

Imagine with me for a moment. It’s early in the morning on the shores of Puget Sound. You’ve bundled up for the cool October morning, cup of hot coffee or tea or what ever wakes you up in the morning, in hand you huddle with others like wise clutching their morning steam power. There is […]

Another fair is past, time to look forward to the retreat!

Well, back to the modern world of cell phones and internet connections. I have to say this year’s fair was the best I’ve had in years!! Even though it rained, and of course it had to rain heaviest when we were judging fleece. For three hours I stood and clerked for our judge with rain […]

Crocheted with 2ply hand spun silk thread

Where some of our classes and activities will happen!

Crochet Retreat! Oct 17-21, 2010 Camano Island, WA

I’m getting excited! Since we’re closing in on the end of May, we’re that much closer the CLF sponsored retreat in the Pacific NW Crochet @Cama ! Registrations keep coming in, and that’s fabulous! But we can use more, so please go to the website and register, the sooner I have a decent head count […]

And life goes on… 1

Before I get down to brass tacks and business, I want to thank you all for the beautiful messages of condolence. I’d like to say that I’m “over it” and moving on, but I can say, I’m merely moving. Truth be told, I’ve experienced a lot of grief in my life and it is really […]

CLF Retreat: It’s not just pretty… 4

So, I’ve talked up the venue, it’s time to switch some gears. Let’s talk about what’s going to transpire at the retreat! This is a different set up from the other conferences and events I’ve attended. Based off conversations with CLF members, fellow crochet enthusiasts, and comrades in the hook, I’ve arranged something to do […]