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3 reasons your crochet blog is not making you money

I hear you, you’re working hard. You try to stay current on the latest social media; you’re tweeting, face booking, you joined Hookey.org and Ravelry.com, you’re on Crochetville, you even started to figure out Google+. You’ve tried “monetizing” your blog with Amazon and Adsense, and it’s done absolutely nothing for you. I get it. Let […]

International Crochet Day is Coming! 1

Oh boy, I almost forgot! Thank heavens Jimbo reminded us on Hookey.org! This coming Wednesday, September 12, 2012 is our third International Crochet Day!!! Jimbo the hook maker (and awesome all round guy) created our day to fete the hook and trip the yarn fantastic all around the globe! I’ll be celebrating by completing my […]


Writing for the Web

In the past month four organizations have hired me to re-write the information on their websites.  Even though none of the organizations are in the same line of business, they all share one problem: Passive Voice. No matter what business you are in using passive language on your website is akin to saying “Hey you […]

PSA: Fearless Leader Rant 14

Enough already! I am so tired of the stupid misconceptions in the public eye about crochet.One of the main culprits is the media.  Their slant (both conservative and liberal by the way) that somehow ALL of us who crochet are: Downtrodden Haus Fraus Dowdy Old ladies (I’ll get to this in a minute) Unfashionable Poor […]

All about the Yarn…

There is so much we can do with crochet! I am constantly in awe of the thousands of projects in the CLF group pages (and pages and pages). As I scan through the images, I can’t but be filled with wonder at the creativity and talent that comprises our membership! From our beginners who are […]

The Power of Words 2

I don’t think this will be a long post, my heart aches right now. My grandmother is on my mind as I get ready to go down to Oregon for her funeral, to be held tomorrow. For the past two days, all I’ve done is think about her, what we did together, what was said, […]

A Bullion Block for a Comfortghan


Fearless Leader’s Special Hook 2

I’ve been meaning to show off my special hook. My dear friend and CLF member, Jimbo creator of “Dippy” the world’s largest hook, created this fabulous hook for me. It’s so special and unique, it’s made from the core of my good friend “Dippy.”

Crochet Thoughts… 4

It’s midweek, life has calmed down from the hectic and frenetic summer rush of activities in my local area. It’s all beginning to wind down, can we just sit here together for a moment, exhale slowly…now reach for that cup of tea and sit back and say, “ahhhhh, another summer of good work done!” Fall […]