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Tell me what you love!

   We only a have a few weeks left in 2011! That means I’m not only busily getting CLF 3.0 up and running, I’m also planning the 4th Annual Crochet Awards! The Flamies!! Now if you’re new to the idea of the Flamie Awards, then you should read up here. If you’re an old hand, […]

The Journey of The Mystery Machine – Part 3 4

I decided to try to crochet the faces of the Scooby Gang inside the window of The Mystery Machine late one night. My success in shaping the lettering and waves gave me the confidence to try for actual faces. But being the middle of the night I was limited to my stash of random balls […]

Simple Summer Crochet Fun!

Back to handing out awards for crochet fabulousness! CLF member LittleThingies has a great example of what can be done with simple motifs. These examples are a simple hexagon motif (the pattern for which is on the project page on Ravelry.com, but you could use circles, triangles, squares, polyhedrons, octogons, oh heck any thing that […]

Minuet a beautiful summer project! 3

CLF Member Vashtirama (aka Vashti Braha) does it again with this gorgeous design! Now, granted there’s no pattern yet, because as per her ravelry.com page, Vashti  was experimenting and fell in love with the stitch pattern. The resulting garment is GORGEOUS. I can’t wait to see what else happens from this “experiement”! She offers us […]

Picot Freeing Beret! 1

IMG_0071.JPG    Originally uploaded by mortaine   Ok, this blog post is combining two goals in one! YAY…  First of all, I want to say that my 3rd issue of Handknit Heros arrived in the mail and I’m thrilled to see it! CLF Member Mortaine is the owner and evil genius behind the hip and edgy comic. Crochet […]

CLF NEWS: The Flamies Nominees 7

As I get to organizing the web survey for voting for the 2010 C rochet Awards, The annual Flamies, I thought I would switch things up a bit and blog a little more individually about the various categories. Now I certainly can’t get every category blogged solo before next Monday when voting begins, but I […]

2010 Crochet Awards News

Nomination suggestions for the 2010 Crochet Awards, The Flamies (sponsored by The Crochet Liberation Front), are now closed! Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate their favorites in the many categories. I will be adding a few names here and there upon my fearless leadery-like whims, and then the voting shall begin […]

And the Winner is! Baby Got Drape!

Ok, I agonized, I tossed, and I turned. It was so hard to decide who won the competition! All of the examples were excellent! Thank you to all who entered the competition! Many of those entries can be seen on our new blog page: Crochet & Drape. Without further ado…The first place winner of the […]

Picot Freeing Skirt!

1 Originally uploaded by Yekaterina CLF Member Liana made this fabulous skirt! It totally sets our picot free! Fun, sassy, and red hot! The pattern is by Patricia Pepe. Check out the project notes here on Ravelry! http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Liana/patrizia-pepe-crochet-skirt Congratulations Liana! This is a fabulous, fun and fantastic skirt! You are duly awarded the Crochet Liberation […]