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Members Only: Sketching

If you want to pitch designs to magazines and book publishers you need to include sketches of your designs and a good sized swatch (think 10″ x  10″). According to MK Carroll who edits for Fresh Designs by Cooperative Press, (yes, they will have crochet titles) having a sketch to represent your design concept is […]

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How to Price Crochet Products

For Makers – Designers – Service Providers This short video class walks you through how to price your crochet work. Did you catch this class? Marketing Basics: Pricing your work, this class is now available for Basic, Pro and Pro Plus Classes.

Crochet Garment Series: Construction

Crocheting attractive, well fitting garments takes less talent than most people imagine. To be successful it takes knowledge, some skill and yes, practice. A good friend of mine has a saying about practice, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.”  What does she mean by this? It means that if you keep practicing your […]

Broomstick Lace Princess Capelet