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I’m calling uncle – For the past six months it’s been one technical snafu after another. From website gremlins, to the new member service platform that looked great (thank you) – but didn’t work right ever! I was paying a bundle for that service, “all you have to do is create content” they said, HAH […]

Crochet at Oregon Flock and Fiber 4

History is being made this September! For the first time EVER crochet is the focus at the amazing fiber event, Oregon Flock and Fiber. Affectionately known as OFF – Oregon Flock and Fiber is an amazing event; fiber, classes, yarn, classes, animals, classes, exhibits, classes – oh yes, did I mention classes?       […]

5 Signs of Self Sabotage

5 Signs of Self Sabotage – Do you do this?   Whether you crochet as a paying hobby or are hoping to make crochet part of your business model, if you feel like you are spinning your wheels, it could be that dreaded culprit: Self Sabotage. Here are 5 common ways people in the crochet […]


Do you really know how to sell crochet? 1

CLF members YOU ROCKED this class! Crocheters aren’t just generous, kind and creative, they are smart, savvy and ready to grow! In our two hour class about how to prepare your  crochet business for successful sales, we worked on accepting our fears and doubts and then using them to not only overcome our blocks to […]

Contest! Win Crochet Projects to Go

Want to win a copy of Crochet Projects to Go? Yes, of course you do! Well I want to know how badly you want to win this! So, please email me at and enter in the subject line : I want Crochet Projects to Go! On May 1 I will randomly pick the lucky […]