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Laurie’s Birthday Month Crochet A Long 6

Can you believe it’s July already?  You know what that means right? WAHOO! The CLF turns 6 and I turn magic number 44, okay it’s not really a magic number because we know 3′s a magic number, but hey – It’s my birthday and I LOVE birthdays, the cake and ice cream associated with birthdays […]

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How to Price Crochet Products

For Makers – Designers – Service Providers This short video class walks you through how to price your crochet work. Did you catch this class? Marketing Basics: Pricing your work, this class is now available for Basic, Pro and Pro Plus Classes.

Don’t Fear the Ripper… Crochet Fiction

Hey crochet fans!  I wrote some fun crochet fiction for CLF Supporters, Indie Pro and Indie Pro Plus members.  There are two short stories both of the “paranormal” and “urban fantasy” bend.  Below is an excerpt from “Don’t Fear the Ripper.” (Need more cow bell anyone?) [quote style="boxed"]They say that Death waits for no one… […]

Don't Fear The Ripper (c) Sara Fakhroo 2011 All Rights Reserved

You can be a SUPER AWESOME gift giver! 1

I’m super excited about my new book. It’s a cute little thing that I      published to help my fellow crocheters (and crafters of all ilk) deal with gift giving and holiday stress like no other book I have seen.    CLF News Readers have already had their  special deal but I don’t want to […]

Crochet Pressure!

Smug gets you everytime. Yes, I was smug, I was thinking “HA! I got them all done, each present is crocheted! HAHA!” Then I remembered I have three teachers gifts, my daughter’s boyfriend, and little gifties for the family gathering that takes place after Christmas Day. Oh boy. I don’t have a lot of crochet […]


Flannel Ornaments

Coming soon! The CLF Presents The Official Guide to Super Awesome Gift Giving

  In just a few days a crochet lover’s survival guide to gift giving and the holidays shall be unleashed into the world! In this book you will find out the secrets to the art of gifting! How to give awesome gifts every time and how to deal with those hyper-critical people in your life. […]

Cro-innovations: A Crochet Curriculum 1

If you’ve taught crochet or even thought about teaching crochet you will know that one of the most daunting aspects of the matter is creating a comprehensive curriculum. You don’t want to breach copyright so you most likely have to write up a pattern, instructions and other goodies. You have to think about every detail, […]


What makes people buy crochet 4

We had a great time during our How to Sell Crochet SUCCESSFULLY at Craft Bazaar webinar! Great questions and the reviews have been amazing. I am honored to get to share my sales and marketing knowledge with you. One of the things I have in place for each webinar (when I remember to do it!) […]