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Laurie’s Birthday Month Crochet A Long 6

Can you believe it’s July already?  You know what that means right? WAHOO! The CLF turns 6 and I turn magic number 44, okay it’s not really a magic number because we know 3′s a magic number, but hey – It’s my birthday and I LOVE birthdays, the cake and ice cream associated with birthdays […]

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Hard to find crochet supplies: Slipper Soles 3

I can dedicate a post a month to hard to find crochet supplies. Crochet supplies include things besides yarn and hooks, patterns and books. I’ve been digging around looking for things I wish I could find locally.  I live in rural Washington State, so finding some of this stuff in a 20 mile radius can […]

Tell me what you love!

   We only a have a few weeks left in 2011! That means I’m not only busily getting CLF 3.0 up and running, I’m also planning the 4th Annual Crochet Awards! The Flamies!! Now if you’re new to the idea of the Flamie Awards, then you should read up here. If you’re an old hand, […]

PSA: Fearless Leader Rant 14

Enough already! I am so tired of the stupid misconceptions in the public eye about crochet.One of the main culprits is the media.  Their slant (both conservative and liberal by the way) that somehow ALL of us who crochet are: Downtrodden Haus Fraus Dowdy Old ladies (I’ll get to this in a minute) Unfashionable Poor […]


Crochet Pressure!

Smug gets you everytime. Yes, I was smug, I was thinking “HA! I got them all done, each present is crocheted! HAHA!” Then I remembered I have three teachers gifts, my daughter’s boyfriend, and little gifties for the family gathering that takes place after Christmas Day. Oh boy. I don’t have a lot of crochet […]

Taffetta bag with picot edgin

Quick Fabric and Crochet Gift Bags

 Crochet Confession I like to make things quick and dirty. Long involved projects are something I do maybe once a year. Here’s a quick and easy project.  If you have old clothes that have fun, relatively loose weave fabric you can just use those (make sure the fabric is clean and pressed). I find it’s […]

Coming soon! The CLF Presents The Official Guide to Super Awesome Gift Giving

  In just a few days a crochet lover’s survival guide to gift giving and the holidays shall be unleashed into the world! In this book you will find out the secrets to the art of gifting! How to give awesome gifts every time and how to deal with those hyper-critical people in your life. […]

Flannel Ornaments

Let’s the madness begin…

It’s Thanksgiving week and for many the  holidays are a wonderous time. It’s a time for family and friends, good times and great food. For others, holidays can bring back painful memories or remind them of their loss and lonliness at present. Not everyone finds the holidays enjoyable. I’ve been in that position in the […]