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Phuzzy Photos: Photos make or break you!

Let me tell you a secret. Well, okay it’s not really a secret, but I’m a crappy photographer. You can hand me a Gillion TetraGigawatPixel super dooper fancy camera and I will still screw up 8 out of 10 shots. Why? Cause I’m visually impaired, the last time I saw with 20/20 vision I was […]

Crochet Garment Series: Construction

Crocheting attractive, well fitting garments takes less talent than most people imagine. To be successful it takes knowledge, some skill and yes, practice. A good friend of mine has a saying about practice, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.”  What does she mean by this? It means that if you keep practicing your […]

Broomstick Lace Princess Capelet


Crochet is a business 4

I thought I would expand upon the post I wrote yesterday and fill in some necessary blanks. There are many more professional aspects to the “crochet industry” than design and pattern writing, we tend to just talk about designers and I think that really does the industry a disservice. I think it’s important to the […]

NEW Selling Successfully Class!

We have a new class in the line up!  This time it’s Selling Succesfully at Farmers Markets and Street Fairs! Join me on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 for a LIVE one hour interactive class that will teach you how to sell successfully at most Farmers Markets. I can’t guarentee you’ll make sales, but I can […]

Blogging 101

This video explores the 10 most important things to think about before you start blogging.  Whether you blog for fun or as part as your business this video will help you understand why having a strategy is important!   It doesn’t have to be boring, it doesn’t have to be hard, blogging is a lot […]