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Enthusiasm: The best marketing tool in the world!

I usually write this kind of content on my other blog, The Golden Me, but since we’re doing a month of posts supporting Crochet sellers, makers and service providers in their marketing and sales efforts, I figured you could deal with it! Gather round my hookstars, I have a story for you: Fearless Leader vs. […]

Writing for the Web

In the past month four organizations have hired me to re-write the information on their websites.  Even though none of the organizations are in the same line of business, they all share one problem: Passive Voice. No matter what business you are in using passive language on your website is akin to saying “Hey you […]

To Pin or Not to Pin? That is The Question. 8

There has been some heated debates on the topic of Pinterest in recent weeks. I’ve seen some interesting arguments for and against using the new website. I have read articles by lawyers, business bloggers, marketeers, I’ve listened to the debates on twitter and LinkedIn. Let me say this, I am cautious regarding the site, however […]