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Crochet Weekend in Washington State

CLF Pro Members, World Wide Yarns and Karen Ratto Whooley have partnered for a fabulous crochet experience in Soap Lake, Washington! You don’t want to miss this event and there is limited space, so sign up before it’s too late! Event:  June 1 – 2 Call to reserve your spot right away as the retreat […]

Come explore new skills and have a blast!


Enthusiasm: The best marketing tool in the world!

I usually write this kind of content on my other blog, The Golden Me, but since we’re doing a month of posts supporting Crochet sellers, makers and service providers in their marketing and sales efforts, I figured you could deal with it! Gather round my hookstars, I have a story for you: Fearless Leader vs. […]

Time Management: How do you do balance work, family and you?

We see it and hear it all of the time, designers, writers, Fearless Leaders, editors, and other independent pros occassionally have a public exclamation of BLARRRRRRRRRGH. Or in English, “Help me, I’m drowning in deadlines.” It doesn’t help our public persona to do this and I admit to having my fair share of public brain […]

Crochet is a business 4

I thought I would expand upon the post I wrote yesterday and fill in some necessary blanks. There are many more professional aspects to the “crochet industry” than design and pattern writing, we tend to just talk about designers and I think that really does the industry a disservice. I think it’s important to the […]


Networking 101: Conversation Starters & Mingling Techniques 3

Part II Learning to mingle correctly is important, you don’t want to monopolize people or hog their time, but likewise you don’t want to lose a lead or an important connection by standing by yourself waiting to get noticed. In Part I we talked about walking up to people and introducing yourself, handing out business […]