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What if fun IS your business?

It’s funny how there are certain words and concepts that are guaranteed to cause a ruckus.  Talking about business to creative people is one of those words – so often we associate it with corporate greed that we forget that little local endeavors, including Etsy stores and E-commerce sites are often micro – businesses.   […]

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When to give away free crochet patterns

Okay, I just wrote a long post about why giving away crochet patterns for free is a bad thing. In general giving away free patterns is a terrible idea, except when it can aid in your marketing. It ONLY helps in your marketing plans when you do this strategically. You offer something free to get […]

Crochet Weekend in Washington State

CLF Pro Members, World Wide Yarns and Karen Ratto Whooley have partnered for a fabulous crochet experience in Soap Lake, Washington! You don’t want to miss this event and there is limited space, so sign up before it’s too late! Event:  June 1 – 2 Call to reserve your spot right away as the retreat […]

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Enthusiasm: The best marketing tool in the world!

I usually write this kind of content on my other blog, The Golden Me, but since we’re doing a month of posts supporting Crochet sellers, makers and service providers in their marketing and sales efforts, I figured you could deal with it! Gather round my hookstars, I have a story for you: Fearless Leader vs. […]


How to Price Crochet Products

For Makers – Designers – Service Providers This short video class walks you through how to price your crochet work. Did you catch this class? Marketing Basics: Pricing your work, this class is now available for Basic, Pro and Pro Plus Classes.