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Ah the power of social media, it’s hookalicious!

Deborah Norville

Photo Courtesy of Deborah Norville


Are you ready for an interview Deborah Norville?


So, there I was tweeting away and got to connect with Deborah Norville, noted
journalist, celebrity and yes, crochet lover.

I asked if she would speak to the CLF and she graciously agreed. Can I say, she is a lovely woman? I really enjoyed our email conversations and I am so excited to share this interview with you guys!

Deborah Norville Sock Yarn-Indigo

Deborah Norville Sock Yarn – Indigo

One of the reasons, I was so excited about this interview was because I really like Deborah Norville’s Yarn Brand through Premier Yarn. It’s really well made, and you know how I’m a stickler about yarn construction.

As you’ll see in the interview Deborah has quite the textile tradition in her family, which is total crochet awesome!
Laurie - I see from your website that you’ve been crafting all of your life, when did
you learn to crochet and who taught you?

Deborah - My grammma and my mom both taught me…I am not sure who gets the credit for being successful. I learned to crochet when I was about ten years old, but really got into it at 14, when I made my first Granny Square afghan, which I still have!

Laurie - What is your favorite aspect of crochet?

Deborah - What I like about crochet is its mindlessness. Once you get your pattern set, you can just go and go and go. It doesn’t get in the way of conversation or watching tv, it’s portable so if you are on a plane or in the pickup line at school, you can have it with you and work a few rounds.
I also like the ‘zen’ feeling that comes from crochet. There is actual science that shows repetitive motions like crochet actually lower blood pressure, heart rate, etc. So it’s good for you!
And — if you are crocheting, you can’t snack — busy hands can’t grab chips, which is my total weakness!

Laurie - In the CLF we say that crochet IS personal, it’s not just a craft; often
it’s an expression of our creativity, love and a safe haven from life’s
storms. How is crochet personal in your life?

Deborah - I love that sentiment!! Y’all rock! For me, it’s showing my love through craft. I am a connector. I connect people with my television work, connecting them with stories and events. I connect people with my books, in Thank You Power, for instance I connected people with the info on gratitude research showing how being thankful had measurable benefits for their lives — and — crochet allows me to connect with the ones I care about.
I was crocheting a sample cowl for my HSN kits while flying back from our family vacation. Just as I finished, my little girl said she was cold. I plunked it right on her and she loved it!

Deborah Norville whipped up this afghan for her daughter

Photo Courtesy of Deborah Norville – This is the afghan full of “Mom Love” Deborah made for her daughter to have at school.

So- I got some different yarn and whipped a pretty blue and white cowl for her and then this week, as a surprise, she got a pair of crochet mittens. She was sooo happy and she knows that everything I make has a smile for her in every stitch!  

Laurie - As the face and name of a yarn brand, how do feel about knowing people turn
to your yarns to create items and gifts?

Deborah - It is sooo cool! And even better, was just a few weeks ago, I was going over the line with my dad, to whom I had sent a whole slew of samples. He queried me about twist and pilling and fiber content and I answered every one of his questions.
He was impressed and said, “Debbie, I am really proud of you!”. Daddy doesn’t hand out compliments liberally and that meant a lot — especially because he is a textile engineer who developed a unique twisting process for the carpet industry. I am actually third generation in textiles, as my gramma made chenille spreads during the Great Depression, Daddy started his carpet supply business which two sisters now run, and now I have brought my love of knit and crochet to a brand of yarns.
I could not be more thrilled.
And – I am so gratified by the emails I get from ladies who compliment the quality of the yarn or say thank you for the price. We are an affordable yarn with unbelievable softness.

Laurie - Have to ask, what do you like to crochet the most?

Deborah - Right now I have been on a mitten/cowl tear … I tend to do things in groups…. Making mittens seems to be my thing right now.
I am eager to either do an African Flower afghan or a crococile stitch something next! Got a pattern you would recommend??

Laurie - Do you have a project(s) of which you are exceptionally proud? What is(are)
it (they) and can we see a picture?

Deborah - I tend to give most of my stuff away- so I have very few things around! Right now there is a crocheted blanket that is on my daughter’s bed at prep school. She sleeps with it every night and that reminds her that “Mommy loves you!”

Laurie - What words of encouragement do you have for our crochet sisters and

Deborah - Keep stitching. Show other people how to do it. Be proud that you have found a craft that gives you — and others — so much pleasure. Don’t be afraid to try new things …and don’t be afraid to ‘invent’ your own way to do things. While there are ‘correct’ ways to do things, I have always been one to ‘go outside the lines’ and I find I do that in my crafting too.
As long as it looks good and the sizing works – who cares if YOU do a stitch a bit differently!!?

Much gratitude to Deborah Norville for taking time out of her busy schedule to connect with myself and the CLF! Let’s all raise our hooks in salute!  You can discover more about Deborah’s fascinating career and passion for fiber on her website.

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