Happy New Year CLF 3

Hey you guys! I’ve missed you, in fact I kind of missed the whole first week of the new year too…


Let me catch you up with why I’m behind in my posts and the new improvements on the CLF site.  Since before Thanksgiving I was

2012-12-25 22.43.44

Sara, the other boss lady at Hookey.org, holding her angel.

dealing with a dental issue, yes groan with me please, and in early December had to have a minor extraction procedure. Oh yes, see that’s what I do in my spare time, some people eat bon bons, I go to the dentist…whoo hoo.  Then the holidays came and with them my daughter Sara, and since we’re still adjusting to her being all growed up and going to college now, I had to get my girl time in, which included driving the six hours south to pick her up and then the return trip. Worth every minute!

By the way, Sara is helping with Hookey.org since things have gotten way too big for just little old me to handle.

After Christmas, I had a group come up for facilitation and restructuring, no problem I thought, I’ll get the CLF work done on the weekend…nope. I caught the plague. Well, not the plague, but rather a nasty case of Norovirus, I shall spare you the details. I was down for a full week, then caring for the other sick bodies that fell like dominoes behind me.

For the past week I’ve been working on more resources, including a member request about “what to do first” in the big list of creating a crochet business. In a few days I hope to finish and begin editing a book that covers that topic A-Z. This book will be in E-pub (Nook) and Mobi (Kindle) files and I’ll have a PDF version for you members as well.

I’ll get some blog posts up in the next few days that cover the book contents and tell you more about it, so stay tuned! And members, you keep your eyes open on your email accounts, we’re about to start something TOTALLY cool!


Oh, and see that angel in Sara’s hand. That is the Ugly Angel that saved Christmas, many moons ago.  It’s Sara’s now, and it left with her to go in her own ornament collection, after all I made it for her in 1998.  If you’ve followed the CLF you’ll know that I often refer to the ornaments and this angel that I crocheted that Christmas. I crocheted so hard and so fast my hands were curling, but my little girl was 5, in a new country (to her), no daddy, no grandma, it was cold, the food was weird, and worst of all, she was convinced that Santa would not be able to find us.

Well, that would not do, so I told her I would make some magic happen and that Santa would find us. She was skeptical, after all how could I,  a mere mortal, make magic. I showed her my hook and thread and I got crocheting. I made enough ornaments to fill a 5′ tree, with two days to go before Christmas. She wasn’t happy, in fact she cried, “No mama, no! Not those decorations, the real ornament, the magic ornament.” Okay, I have to admit I was in pain, stressed, and trying to make it easier on my kid so her wailing left me feeling pretty withered. I sat on the couch, cried with her, then asked, “What magic honey? What am I not understanding?”

She stopped crying, looked at me like I was the world’s DUMBEST person and said in a matter of fact tone, “Mom. Angels are magic, Santa needs an angel to make the light for him to see our house.”

Well, duh. Problem, I was out of thread, I only had two days, my hands hurt, and I didn’t want to make a thread angel tree topper. So, I grabbed some white super saver and a big enough hook and made the lumpiest angel ever.  I embroidered her face on, and stuffed her lumpy head, and cringed.

The next morning, Sara woke up to a finished angel and danced around the room with her and then asked me to lift  her up to put the angel on the tree.

Sara looked at me, took a deep breath and said, “Well, I hope this works, he’s got pretty short notice Mom.”

I told her that I thought the angel would do the trick.

Christmas was saved, Santa made it to our house, it even snowed on Christmas Eve (not usually in Portland, Oregon) and my little girl had a bit more hope.

I hate that angel. Sure it’s cute, but it’s not the tree topper I wanted to make or have up on the tree. It’s the ugliest angel I ever made, and it’s her favorite.  (LAUGH)… I gladly gave her this lumpy bit of love and she packed it gently to go into her own collection.

Ugly Angel

There is no pattern for this, it was made with love for my little girl.

It just goes to show, sometimes when we make things, it isn’t about how pretty they are or well made, sometimes it’s about how much love (and desperation) we put into them.


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Laurie A. Wheeler is a blogger, crochet addict, yarn designer and champion for independant artisans and crafters. She is also known as Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front.

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