The Road to Reno Day 2: How a loaded Yaris made it up the hill

I would have done this post last night, but the wifi wasn’t working at the motel and my cell phone was dying which led me to discover that I left my USB cord on my Mom’s couch back in Oregon… Ah well, if that’s the worst that happens, so be it.

Day one ended with me falling face first onto one of the spare beds in my mother’s house sometime around 5pm. This led to my waking up fresh as a daisy at 3am. Yeah, I know.  That being said, morning started with a glorious sunrise, I decided to take some pics of my childhood home, in Gladstone Oregon just outside of Portland.

Corn field outside of Salem.

From there I headed down HWY 99 and took the scenic route through Canby and Woodburn before hitting I-5 South.

Given I planned the drive for three days, I gave myself a good amount of time to stop, stretch and see different kinds of scenery.I love how the terrain changes as you head down the road, the verdant fields of the Willamette Valley morph into giant foothils and mountains and beautiful vistas are a plenty as you meander and amble along the road. I was ambling slow and hard up those hills, my Yaris is pretty loaded down, and I was dodging semi-trucks and impatient SUV’s as my little car did it’s “Little Engine that Could” impersonation.

From beautiful fields of corn to distant mountain tops, the drive was inspiring and even though I was totally
I made it to Ashland, Oregon at almost 5pm and thought about stopping. My eyes were bleary, my body achy and tired, but I knew that there were motels in a little mountain hamlet called Weed, CA.  Yes, that is the town’s real name. It’s nestled just below the town of Shasta on Mt. Shasta.  I talked to a hotel clerk in Ashland about the travel time to Weed and decided I could drive one more hour.  I don’t regret that decision.exhausting from my early rising, it was hard not to be refreshed at each little stop along the way.


I was across into CA, which by the way did you know they stop everyone to see if you’re carting contraband fruit? I was relieved that my donut holes didn’t count.

Mount Shasta was in view, I stopped one more time to take a picture and let me tell you, if you’re traveling through California and you see a blue sign that says Vista point; Stop. Don’t think about it, don’t worry about when you’re supposed to get anywhere, just stop and look. You will not be disappointed.

Mt. Shasta


Six hours of driving got me  into the little town of Weed, that has the big industry of selling T-shirts that say, “I love Weed.” No, really that’s what I saw. My motel was lovely, tiny little place that was spotless, had a wonderful tub in which I could soak the grime away and not wanting another 3am wake up, I made sure not to sleep until 9pm. I don’t remember falling asleep at all…


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