The Road To Reno: Day 1 3

I thought I’d do a little travelogue for the great trek to the Fall Knit and Crochet Show in Reno. That way those of you who can’t be with us in person can enjoy the trip some what vicariously! (Consider yourself packed into my suitcase.)

Monday Sept 10, 2012

I got up way too early.  For some reason my brain was ready to go before my body.  It could be stress related, even though I’m really relaxed about the trip and excited to see old friends and meet new ones in person, this is a big week. As I get ready to head to Reno, my oldest child is packing to move down to Corvallis, Oregon to go to college. She is my cohort in crochet, my beautiful, intelligent muse and yeah I spent most of last week bawling my eyes out. I’m grateful for the trip to Reno, it gave me something to focus on besides the chest wrenching pain that this transition has produced.

She’ll be fine, I’ll be fine. I get to see her on her birthday when I make my way back North.  Yeah, this is part of the travelogue, because it will make sense to any of you IN Reno if I suddenly tear up a little. Not to worry, hubby is there to be the big, calm guy that he is to make sure the move goes smoothly, so no worries for me on that side… just a heart ache that isn’t logical, but then again how much of a mother’s love is logical? She’ll be fine, I’ll be fine.


   As I was saying, waking up too early was a rudeness foisted upon me by a very alert and stressed out brain. So, here’s a pretty picture of the moon in a clear pre-sunrise sky on Camano Island.

I waited for the clock to tick 7:30 before I roused any of my family to say good bye. There were a few moans and groans, a couple of mumbled “have a safe trip, Mom… love you…” and back to sleep the two teens went.  Hubby grinned as he gave me a bear hug and wished me safe travels, reminding me for

the twenty billionth time to get the oil changed. I responded for the twenty billionth time that I was doing it on my way of town. LOL It’s good to be loved.

So, with my little car packed, yes that little car to the right (gets awesome gas mileage), I hit the road and got ready for the first stop. A pick up of hand carved crochet hooks by Monica Lowe, aka Craftwich.


I may have to repack a little on Day 2, because I have to fit in a small folding table and grab a few last minute things for the show while I’m in Oregon. But, I’m prepared for that too. YAY!

I really don’t remember falling asleep. Waking up at 3am and driving all day had me pretty worn out.

   What’s on Day 2′s agenda?

Today I pick up the last of the little items I need for the show, then I am just going to hit the road and leisurely make my way into California. I will stop to take photos, I haven’t ever done a long road trip in the USA by myself.  When I was a young woman I lived overseas and saw most of  Western Europe, parts of West Africa and quite a bit of the Middle East. So, this is fun, I get to see my own part of the world with no stress, and maybe, just maybe meet a few more crochet lovers on the journey.

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