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We’ve just passed our six month mark as a real membership service. First of all thank you to everyone who took the leap with me in this grand adventure.

As always the CLF experience is one that has made me stretch and grow. I’ve learn a lot of about being self employed, creating websites and interactive sites, social network building, self publishing and of course social media etc.  Thank you for inspiring me to learn so I can pass that knowledge onto you. For those who are new to the CLF experience, I just want to remind you that there is no big organization behind this CLF site, it’s just me Laurie A. Wheeler putting things together as fast as I can. I work in my bedroom/office on a laptop with a cell phone for a modem in my pjs (how is that for a visual).  I like to let people know, because yeah my site looks fly and it can appear the CLF is a much bigger organization, but it’s not. It’s just me, myself and I and some AWESOME volunteers on

One of the reasons I’ve been a little quiet on the blog this August is because I’ve written a new book called Creating On-Line Community and I’m enrolled in a coaching certification program that is further arming me with tools to help members and others to reach their business, professional and personal goals. YAY!

As a result of all of this, I’ve been looking to re-organize the CLF membership info. I know the on-demand classes have been buggy and I’ve been researching solutions. So, I’m re-recording everything to upload to a new service that should be much easier for you to use and you won’t have to log in separately to watch all six videos, you’ll just have one log-in.  Each membership level will have access to the appropriate video and audio materials in folders. I will be working on getting these completed over the next few weeks, with some interruption whilst in Reno at the Knit and Crochet Show.

I am also changing up some of the navigation and access to other info, like reports, e-booklets etc for the various membership levels.

The biggest change is this:  For Basic through Pro Plus I am going to focus on professional development and creating your crochet businesses or paying hobby. I think the CGOA does a great job for creating the resources for hobbyists and it’s never really been my goal to provide that kind of information, I’m not taking anything down here, but I would rather do product reviews and offer tools to help you grow in your professional, business or paying hobbist goals.

So what about the Free Memberships? Free memberships will be of little use here on the CLF site, but all of the fun stuff will still be on which is to remain free for all crochet lovers. I think that is the best way for me to serve my crochet comrades!  As of December 31, 2012 all Free CLF accounts will be defunct and I will send a notice out a few times to let you know.

Affordable options:

So, if you are looking to learn through the membership  site and can’t afford to pay the yearly fee, I will be instituting a way for you to have a month to month access at a reasonable amount. This will be available at all membership levels, and the most affordable options will still be the yearly subscription. That will be in place by the end of the year.

I knooooooooooow! You gotta worry when I’m quiet here on the blog! It means I’m working on things in the background! Spooky huh?


About Laurie A. Wheeler

Laurie A. Wheeler is a blogger, crochet addict, yarn designer and champion for independant artisans and crafters. She is also known as Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front.

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3 thoughts on “CLF changes coming soon!

  • Robyn Boling

    So, Laurie, with the change in CLF 3.0 membership, does that mean that after the end of the year free members can no longer claim to be official members of CLF itself?

    • Laurie A. Wheeler Post author

      Great question! Not at all, Free members are encouraged to join which is the social arm of the CLF. The facelift is happening soon and it will be a lot more user friendly. I do have help for that piece of the puzzle which is AWESOME! (It gets kind of rough doing ALL of the web work and everything else.) As my life transitions to a new stage I had to ask myself to do what I have encouraged everyone in the CLF to do: Find my value, do what I love and be who I want to be. i can’t be everything or do everything, but the great thing about the CLF is that it has always been a place for people learn, grow, share and celebrate crochet!!

      The paid information/membership site is for people who want to sell their crochet, designs, become part of the industry or start a business on the side. This puts it in line with some of the other areas of my work (working with independent small businesses). But can people still claim to be CLF members? Oh yes! The paid memberships are for development of professional and business skills, not street cred! Claim it baby!