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If you have followed my musings for anytime at all, you will know that I am not fond of writing patterns. Don’t get me wrong, I think patterns are cool, and I know that some people love patterns.  I collect patterns for ideas, but I hardly ever follow one, I’m a free former and free maker at heart.

Writing patterns is an onerous task for me, it’s why I don’t write that many. You could say any pattern of mine is a collectible, because they are rare. Is it because I lack talent or skills? Not really, I’m a great crocheter and I have lots of skills. No, my problem is in the having to pay very careful attention and make sure the stitches all add up so someone else can replicate it. I can’t “fudge” or “cheat” or not care if something is a little off kilter. Crochet is an expansive media for me, it’s something that I can just let flow from my fingers and create what I visualize in my head.

This weekend and most of Monday I spent working on the CLF Birthday CAL pattern. I found myself off to an easy start, because I started with enthusiasm for bringing to you a token of my love and gratitude.  As the work progressed and I worked too late into the night I began to make mistakes that just couldn’t remain. I spent all of Monday ripping out stitches and re-working the pattern, getting more and more frustrated, tense and I kept mumbling things like, “This is why I don’t write patterns” and “I hate writing patterns.”  Do you think that helped?

No, no it did not help. In fact, it meant I worked five rounds (hint) over and over three or four times only to finally realize that the pattern repeat was off from about five rounds before that…

curses…curses...tangled yarn...curses...muttering kinked neck...curses... phone rings... THANK THE FUZZ GAWD! Distraction… come back to project...hook missing...muttering...cursing...hating patterns… phone rings again... THANK THE FUZZ GAWD! Distractions…productive and deep philiosophical conversation...shoulders relax...attitude changes… return to look for the hook...oh! There it is... Begin the pattern repeat againcount is correct…sigh of relief...take a break…remember…

Remember why I am making this pattern. It’s not because you are demanding it, expecting it, or asking me to make it… I chose to make it to THANK YOU! Oh, well that’s another matter…

Crochet is my expression of love to the many people in my life. I don’t sell my finished items, I make them as precious and individual gifts to the people I love. (There is NOTHING wrong with selling finished items btw.)

When I write a pattern for the CLF it’s a gift and should be made with the same love.

Guess what? Project is back on track, no more errors.


About Laurie A. Wheeler

Laurie A. Wheeler is a blogger, crochet addict, yarn designer and champion for independant artisans and crafters. She is also known as Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front.

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6 thoughts on “Pattern writing journey

  • barbara worn

    Funny! I can relate but actually I enjoy writing patterns-oh it’s just as painful for me but I like the process immensely. I like the overly optimistic beginnng (denial), then comes the painful realization that it’s not going to be as easy as I thought. After that comes exhaustion, then frustration. The next phase in the process is bone chilling fear that I’ll miss my deadline. I work through the night and then it happens- I know I’ve got it! Bliss and happiness abound. That’s why I like writing patterns. Fasten off.

    • Laurie A. Wheeler Post author

      Hi Barbara :D LOL I’m glad you writing patterns! You know if I liked writing the darned things I may never have started the CLF and I’d much rather help the pros do more and better in their businesses and creative lives :D But, every once in a while I’ll write one and try to remember that disliking it doesn’t make it easier :D

  • Bev

    I feel your pain. I love the whole creative process: brainstorming, calculating, even dreaming about the schematics, crocheting the first “draft”, modifying, etc. But the writing? You said it best. Thanks!