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I know a lot of crochet designers and other professionals and nothing makes me more sad than when I hear about problems with contracts and publishing. I had heard rumblings that Inside Crochet wasn’t paying designers well and that some were having to put up a fight over the past few years. I saw some posts on and heard angry noises on Facebook and Twitter. Well, it’s official, Inside Crochet UK and several other All Craft Media publications shall be no longer. Several knitting blogs have covered the topic, but when I did a search for crochet blogs, no one is saying anything. So, fine; I’ll say it.

This is a shame we need crochet magazines, but not at the cost of bad business. I know of at least one designer who did not receive payment for the Inside Crochet design from a year previous, but then found out that her design had been sold to another publication and she was NEVER compensated. So, why don’t people litigate? Well what do lawyers cost? If you have a $400 or $600 design is it worth paying a lawyer? Even on principle? Most designers are like you and me, they are not independently wealthy, they have to weigh the costs. What they can do though is scream breach of contract to the public and on their blogs.

You need to speak up people. It is neither unprofessional, nor is it whining to speak up about breach of contract.  Understandable that some publications might pay a bit late, especially small independent ones,but if you have a contract that promises payment and you haven’t received it, you are not the bad guy for speaking up. If they publish your work without paying you as per the agreement/contract then they have stolen from you.

Want to know more about the issue? Check out these blog posts on the subject:

Dull Roar

Joyarna - She has some excellent information, including how to submit for refunds and payments.


This is why I started CLF 3.0. I think it’s important for crocheters to speak up at least to each other, to help new designers know who will treat them fairly from the get go and which businesses are trickier to deal with. Knowing what your rights are, and what to look for in contracts. I will be creating more information on this subject for members shortly and CLF 3.0 Indie Pro Plus members the Shibaguyz will be hosting  new designer classes for members and non-members at a very affordable price to help clue you navigate this business.

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Laurie A. Wheeler is a blogger, crochet addict, yarn designer and champion for independant artisans and crafters. She is also known as Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front.

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2 thoughts on “All Craft Media in Administrated Receivership

  • Trish Macomber

    I’m very sorry to hear about this newest collapse but I’m afraid it’s very wide-spread. As an author for over 30 years, I’ve watched formerly solid publishers like Dorchester/Leisure and tons of magazines go belly up. It starts slow at first, payments late, no more contributor copies. Then editors disappear with all your money and you find that your work is being published in other countries and electronically without your permission.

    I do hope that everyone gets what’s coming to them (and I mean that in every way possible). Karma can be a witch.

    Here’s to happier, more prosperous times!

    • Laurie A. Wheeler Post author

      I felt it was important to put it up here, since not one crochet blog had it made on my google search of the topic. I am concerned with the institutionalized fear of speaking out. If you don’t speak up and out, then not only do you suffer, other people do too, because they don’t have all of the info to make good decisions. :D Thanks for your comments.