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I’m just going to come out and say it.


Finally, we who love crochet and who have championed the cause of crochet fabric and garments have cause to celebrate.
In this book, Urban Edge, we have everything we as a crochet community have asked for in garments, pattern layout, and photography! Editors should take note,

<<<<<<<THIS is what we have been asking for, this is what we have demanded, and the Shibaguyz Design Team has delivered.
This is by far the best written, laid out, photographed crochet book I have seen to date and yes, it has class.

On a personal note, I am always happy to review books for my designer friends, I am always excited to watch their work grow
and change.
I know Shannon and Jason, they taught at the CLF Retreat. I had them teach for me because they are professionals. I love their attention to detail and I had nothing but rave reviews from their students after the retreat. So, when they asked if I wanted to be part of this blog tour, I jumped at the chance.
When I got the book, I didn’t open the envelope for a few days. I wanted to wait until I had some dedicated time to really savor each page. That’s standard for me in my reviews, I look over everything from front to back, I read every word, I look at all of the instructions and photos, heck I even look at the index and glossaries of books I review. I opened this with hope and expectations, I closed the book with misty eyes; THIS is what I knew could be, this is what we have asked for, this is what other crafters get to take for granted and yet for us, this is special.
This book offers more than great designs, wearable clothes, awesome schematics and large type, this book paves the way to show the market place what is obvious to those of us who champion crochet: What we make is beautiful.


Designs: I love every design! My daughter, as you know is quite the critic and fashionista and her assessment of the book was silent. She turned each page slowly, nodded, turned the page, nodded, looked up and said, “So, when you’re done with this book it’s mine, right?” (Sara took, Shannon and Jason’s front wrap hoodie class at Crochet @ Cama 2011, she expected the book to be excellent.)

I even LOVE the New York dress, made out of motifs, normally “granny squares” make me cringe because people go for the contrasting complimentary  colors and the “OMG let me wear an afghan on my body” look, but not the Guyz. They make a piece that is reminiscent of modern art, figure flattering, and I would wear this one. I love it.
Layout: The book is super easy to read, the large font makes it a great book to work from, even if you aren’t blind as a bat like I am, I think crochet lovers everywhere will appreciate the large type face so that they can keep the book next to them and not have to pick it up as they work the patterns. The schematics and instructions are clear, concise and well written. I believe even a beginning garment maker could make the patterns with ease.
Photography: What can I say? Jason Mullett-Bowlsby did a remarkable job. Not only are the photos beautifully rendered, the models look great, the lighting is magnificent, and you can see the stitches on EVERY garment. Thank you Jason, you have proved crocheted fabric can be photographed well.
Concept: LOVE THIS! Urban Edge is a fashionistas tour of cities! I love how each garment is named and styled for the city after which it was named. LOVE this! Take a textile tour from Seattle to Helsinki and Taos to Buenos Aires! This book rocks the hook!

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Tomorrow’s blog tour stop:  Kim Guzman!   (AKA CrochetKim on Ravelry and Twitter)

Saturday’s stop ends the tour at the home of THE Crochet Dude himself, Drew Emborsky.

Guys please let Leisure Arts know we love this book, write them, win it, buy it, download it, if we want more of this we have to show we want it; the ball is in our court.

This book is my treasure and it can be yours too! I am giving away one copy here on the blog, you can enter by sending me a message using the form below!  Please include your name in the message, the competition is open to readers world-wide.  I will choose the winner on April 7.  (And on April 7th I will be giving away another copy on Hookey.org)

And we have a winner!  Still want a chance at winning a copy? Head over to http:// www.hookey.org and enter to win! You have from April 7 until April 9th at 11pm Pacific to enter! I will choose a winner on April 10th 2012 on Hookey.org.

(This is a sponsored post, I recieved a copy of the book for review. I did NOT promise to give a positive review. All of my reviews are my personal opinion and I only review books and products that I feel are worth reviewing and endorsing. )

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Laurie A. Wheeler is a blogger, crochet addict, yarn designer and champion for independant artisans and crafters. She is also known as Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front.

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9 thoughts on “Urban Edge Blog Tour: Win a Free Copy!

  • Wendy C.

    I don’t think the email form “Submit” button is working. My message just sits there and doesn’t seem to send though it says it did (I didn’t get my copy). Could be the browser(?) (Firefox) In any case, I sent this note, below, and hope you will count it as my entry if the email message didn’t go through:

    You are sooooo right!!! This book so ROCKS the hook! Like no other (save for some of The Crochet Dude’s as well!). I have been knitting a little more than crocheting lately, but this book would get me crocheting pronto! Shannon, Jason and Drew truly have been pivotal in bringing crocheted fashion into the 21st Century! Love it!!!! Just hope to win this so much!!! I am currently out of work and can’t afford to eat, so I wouldn’t be able to buy this for probably a long while, unless the job market gets better soon in my state (one of the worst). Trying to stay positive though! :)

    • Laurie A. Wheeler Post author

      Hi Wendy,

      Sorry the form froze for you, but I got your email :D I agree, I would add some names to the list of bringing crochet forward :D Kim Guzman writes wonderful patterns and beautiful garments, Doris Chan, Kristin Omdahl, Vashti Braha, Karen Whooley, Dora Ohrenstein and many others have been moving us ever onward. i argue that we have always had great crochet, but that publishers refuse to publish it :D Let’s hope we can rock the numbers on sales of these books so we can send the right message to those who think we don’t buy materials or only want the same old/same old!

      • Wendy C.

        Thank you, Laurie! Glad you got my email and hope you didn’t get a gazillion copies of it (but you probably did?). I’m sure you are right about the others to be added to the list. I am somewhat familiar with Kim, Kristin and Vashti’s beautiful work and I will hopefully get to know more in the future. I perhaps used a wrong term, maybe instrumental rather than pivotal is better considering all the others’ contributions. I meant no dis to any of them. I was ‘speaking in the moment’ in awe of this great collection. Yes, we have always had great crochet! Hopefully, more will get published for everyone’s benefit!!! Thank you for reminding me of the others and hope all will pardon my ‘innocent ignorance’ and thank you for this opportunity!!! :)

        • Laurie A. Wheeler Post author

          LOL Yes, I got several :D It’s all good, things happen. I wasn’t offended, I just wanted to shout out to those who have pushed for crochet!

          Other names that come to mind are Jennifer Hansen (aka Stitch Diva), Carol Ventura, Annette Petavy, Myra Wood, Prudence Mapstone, James Walters and Sylvia Cosh and many more pioneers.

  • Christa Grant

    I dont see a review on the crochet dude’s site.
    Oh and the link needs the www’s removed to work
    Guess I better have coffee and quit fussing :)