The Journey of The Mystery Machine – Part 2

When I discovered that The Mystery Machine words were backwards, I was able to pull all the loose ends through from what I thought was the back side and make it the front side. I knew I would not have time to weave them in before using the afghan for Griffin’s party in just 4 days and had a friend help me pull all the ends back through to weave in later.

When I was finally ready to start working on the front half of the afghan, on July 15th, just one day before the party, I was down to 1 skein of the neon green. Remember, I was using inexpensive yarns I had picked up before I knew what I was making. Fearing I would run out half way up the front, I wasted half the day madly driving to every Big Lots in North Portland, searching for just 1 or 2 more skeins of the green to no avail. I had bought out the stores near me a few months before, and that type of store does not tend to get the same yarn more than once.

I finally called every other store in Portland, and found one store on the far southern end of town with “lots of bright neon green mixed fiber yarn.”. I convinced my Dad to drive so I could keep stitching as I had a lot to do in just one day. I even took the project on a date with my husband earlier that day, working on the front in the dark while watching the last installment of Harry Potter.

But after getting lost twice trying to find the store, the green was not a match. It was time to adjust the pattern. Here I had wasted half a day looking for this yarn, and all I needed to do was make the blue wave on the front panel a little taller. I even had just enough for a little green wheel on the front of the van, as long as I added extra rows of black to outline it.

On the day of the big party, I found myself crocheting right up until the party was about to start. I had decided to leave the window open so that kids could pose inside for pictures during the party. I managed to finish the outline of the window and stitch the front and back together just before the first kids arrived. My husband attached it to a large piece of cardboard and we cut a hole for the window, making a great decoration for the party. The kids and parents loved it, and we took pictures of every kid inside, before sending them off to make and trap monsters.

After the excitement of the party, I was eager to fill in the window. Our County Fair was coming up in just 1 ½ weeks, and I really wanted to submit it. I liked the angle of the front window I designed for the party, so I decided to attach each row with slip stitches on the inside as I filled in the window. Several people had asked me if I was going to do the people inside the window, but I kept saying, “No, I’m not that crazy…” However, when I got three rows into filling the window with solid white, I got bored and decided to go for it!

About Laurinda Reddig

Laurinda has been crocheting for over 25 years, teaching crochet for about 12 years, and has just started working toward getting her designs published. As a stay at home mom in southern Washington, she gets her creative inspiration from her children. For more info on Laurinda and her projects, check out her blog:

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