Flamies Revised 12

   If you are new to the CLF or even the idea of the Annual Crochet Awards (aka The Flamies) that we award, this post may be a bit confusing. So make sure you read the history of how the Crochet Awards startedand how they have changed over the last few years. That way the announcement I’m making today will make a lot more sense to you.

For those of you who know and love the Flamies, I think you’ll find these changes at the least interesting, at best you’ll love the changes, and I’m sure I’ll annoy other people with my decision. That being said, I want you to know that I was beginning to really not like the Flamies one bit, in fact when I thought about them I got a headache. That signals me that something has to change, I don’t want to dump the whole of the awards so I sat down and thought about what I actually do like about the Flamies.

What do I love about the Flamies?

  1. Designers get to be applauded for their hard work and dedication
  2. Crocheters get exposed to new designs, books and venues that they may have not found other wise.
  3. Independant folk have as big a shot at winning as industry standards.

What do I hate doing?

  1. Dealing with the nominations process. Over the past few years I’ve tried to make it populist, but I seem to have not been able to communicate the message the way I want it understood.
  2. Dealing with a few yarn companies that will remain nameless. Seriously, some of the companies understand these awards and their intent, and others don’t seem to get that they are not entitled to winning. In fact, there are a few yarn companies who still don’t get that I run the awards, I own the awards and that if they have questions or commentary they need to contact me. No, really they don’t get it and they continue to send messages via third parties EVEN AFTER being told to contact me and given my email. Seriously, for 3 years there are several who flat refuse to contact me. What’s with that? You want something I work hundreds of hours on and seems to be prestigous since you lobby to win, but you won’t contact me? My feelings aren’t hurt, but I have a big enough ego that I take offense that they can’t communicate with the person who’s busting their butt getting the awards up to the world. In fact, I find that kind of attitude rude and unprofessional. So guess what?


Here’s the deal in order to be a corporate nominee even if people have suggested you, you can’t be nominated unless you contact me personally. I’m really easy to get ahold of, my contact page gets right to me, and funny enough I respond right away, because that’s the professional thing to do. (Hand cupped to ear) What? How dare I? Oh I dare, I very dare, remember I’m a bad girl. (By the way if you’re a company that has had the professionalism to contact me personally, then obviously I’m not talking about you.)

3. I hate the nominations process because various groups over the past few years have not acted in the spirit of the awards. So guess what? I’m going to do the nominating, and once again I’m going to ask a few people to help. I’m not going to do the nominations on Ravelry like we have, but if you like someone’s work or feel a company has been really superdooper cool then I want you to contact me here on the website via my contact page.

4. I hate that we are not showing the diversity of our designers, makers and especially celebrating our Indies. So I’m getting rid of a few categories and I’m adding a couple new ones to reflect makers of crochet. Yup, I want to celebrate the depth and breadth of crochet with these awards, I want to celebrate the ingenuity and innovation that we crocheters possess and I want crochet to benefit most. So, stay tuned as we get to the nominating process!


About Laurie A. Wheeler

Laurie A. Wheeler is a blogger, crochet addict, yarn designer and champion for independant artisans and crafters. She is also known as Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front.

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