Natcromo Day 21: Nautical Afghan, Retreat & More 10

WOWIE! It was a GORGEOUS weekend here in the great Pacific Northwest. After seeminly endless rainy days, we finally got to see that beautiful yellow orb in the sky, not to mention that gorgeous super-moon. I did get some crochet time in, but I have to say that Saturday I ran around with a Vitamin D rush and looked like a four year old hopped up on peeps and jelly beans! WHOO HOO!

One of the things I did while I was out and about in the sun was to go down to Cama Beach State Park and show off the gorgeous nautical afghan CLF members and retreat goers made last October. HUGE thanks to Deborah Burger (cerdeb) for designing and spear heading the project! Not only did she design the pattern, she led the project, pieced the squares together, and edged it, she got it back to me in time for it to be a fabulous auction item at our retreat partners charitable auction next weekend! THANK YOU DEB!

Many hands makes light work! We did this at the retreat!

  I believe 13 retreat goers worked on the squares that are sailboats, fish, and anchors. The edge is a wave pattern, and I think it just makes the piece. Plymouth Yarns generously donated the yarn for the project through our LYS Pinch Knitter, and thanks to them we’ll be able to have this baby auctioned off to benefit the youth programming for CWB!

Andrew who is the manager at the Cama Beach Campus (where we hold our retreat) was super impressed with how light and “delicate” feeling the afghan is, and how cool it would look in the cabin of someone’s wooden boat!

Speaking of the retreat, I had a crazy notion that I could get registrations started during the flamies. Who was I kidding?! No way! I will keep updating the page as information comes in. What I can say is that the beautiful new conference center building is almost done! I got to have a tour (and even wear a hardhat!) on Saturday and it’s truly amazing, vaulted ceilings with beautiful wooden beams, a massive fire place that will be stone with a giant mantle, and the view… Oh my the view, if you thought last year was great, this year will be even more spectacular with a really big, yet cozy building.  Here are some sneak peeks, remember it’s not done yet, but if you’re like me you can visualize the final outcome…  They are close to having the reclaimed pine flooring put down, and the rest of the finishing and siding. Over the next month it’s going to be amazing to watch this gorgeous building come to life! I can’t wait for our retreat in October!

fireplace...rock coming's big

Now,  speaking of can’t wait! If you can’t wait to join with other Crochet Liberation Front members and you’re in Central Texas, you want to save the Weekend of April 16-18! Fearless Leader is coming to play! We’re gonna have a picnic, and I’m teaching a workshop on yarn substitutions (I’ll have all the details for you tomorrow), and Monday April 18 we’re having the Red Carpet Flamie Party at the Landmark in Georgetown, TX. I’m so excited! Now space is limited for the party so you want to get your tickets asap before they are sold out!  I can’t wait to see you!

 Also did you vote yet? We’ve had a LOT of voting, and I hear tell of some sketchy server action, been speaking with the webhost about it. So if it won’t load come back in a few minutes, it just means a lot of people decided to vote at the same time!  Don’t know who or what to vote for? Check out our voters guide, designed to help you pick your favorites for the ultimate prize!

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